Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

A Detailed Overview of Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

Russia is not only the biggest nation in the globe but is also well-known for its historical contributions to medicine. MBBS in Russia is a popular alternative for international students because of its highly high-quality education and affordable tuition.

One of the most significant possibilities for studying medicine abroad is the Russian MBBS program. International students prefer to study MBBS in Russia more frequently since the country provides an affordable, high-quality education. The seventh most popular study-abroad country for MBBS students worldwide is Russia.

However, there are several hardships that international students run into when they decide to enlist in Russian medical schools for their MBBS. Before determining, the students must also weigh some disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia. Let us take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing an MBBS in Russia.

Global Commendation for Russian Medical Degree

Russian medical schools have risen to the top of UNESCO and WHO rankings, gaining international recognition. In International university rankings 2022, around 30 Russian universities receive recognition. Russia is a popular destination for medical students worldwide since it may lead to sound professional and academic prospects abroad. Russian medical degree graduates are highly respected worldwide because their curriculum keeps up with the rapid advancements in medicine.

The Bologna Declaration, an Exposure of Russian Universities to the World

Russia committed to establishing a typical educational environment for signatory nations when it approved the Bologna Declaration in 2003. As a result, several Russian medical institutes run cooperative programs with universities abroad and confer two degrees upon graduates. As a result, studying in Russia gives you access to Russian diplomats and diplomats from European institutions

International Students Prefer Russian Medical Education:

For International students, studying medicine in Russia is the most excellent alternative. MBBS tuition at Russian medical schools is quite reasonable compared to other nations. Because of this, they are studying medicine, MBBS, MD, or any medical degree in Russia. The educational standards at Russian medical colleges are on par with those of other industrialized nations like the USA, UK, etc. Since the dominant language of teaching is English at most Russian medical schools, it is easier for international students to integrate into their new universities and nations.

More than 17,000 doctors teach medicine at Russia’s more than 50 medical schools. The WHO’s “World Directory of Medical Schools” includes many Russian medical schools. All these colleges are world-class in every sense of the word; some have histories that go back more than two hundred years. Student test results are evaluated, and their progress in topic mastery is rigorously monitored to ensure that graduates meet the highest standards possible.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

Statistics show that over 200,000 international students from 160 countries are welcomed to study at the best universities in Russia each year. These include students who can study in prestigious locations like America and the United Kingdom but choose Russia instead due to its cutting-edge infrastructure and extensive medical research skills. There are advantages and disadvantages of studying in Russia.

A. Advantages of Studying in Russia:

The Medium of Communication is English:

Most schools now provide English and Russian training. This language barrier once prevented many Indian students from pursuing medical study in Russia no longer exists. However, it has been noticed that students begin to speak Russian confidently during their first year, which helps them get along well with their Russian classmates and the local populace.

The Limitation of Admission Exam and Donation Needs:

It is true that, in contrast to India, one does not need to spend months or years studying for entrance examinations and waiting for the cutoff to find out where they will be admitted, and even then, not at the institution of their choice but based on their ranking. In Russia, one can enroll in their chosen institution without taking entrance exams. Admission requires no contributions; therefore, the highest caliber medical education is provided without entrance exams.

Economical Entrance Fees and Thrifty Expense of Living

Russian medical universities are renowned for their groundbreaking research, and their studies are expanded abroad through partnerships with top research organizations. All educational institutions have the most cutting-edge teaching tools, labs, and facilities to support such research projects.

Ideal Research Environment

The Federal Government provides financial support to the institutions, which explains why tuition at Russian medical universities is far less than that of other nations. An international student must pay only 10 to 20 percent of the actual cost of education. 

High-Quality Social Life

International students studying in Russia will be surrounded by an abundance of lively culture and exciting nightlife. Russia is a sizable nation with an infinite calendar of celebrations. Russians are renowned around the world for enjoying good things in life. One can enjoy the finest of Russia’s cuisine, culture, and captivating scenery while studying there.

Other Considerations

  • Russian medical education goes beyond the confines of the traditional classroom.
  • Students get access to conferences, seminars, and hands-on training.
  • There are safe dorms and various accommodation options for medical students in Russia.
  • A top-notch sports and educational facility.
  • Russian medical universities have links to facilities with top-notch tertiary care and hospital equipment.
  • Numerous Russian language programs are available through Russian institutions, including summer schools, courses, and online learning.
  • Russian courses are available for one year to international students and are free for those enrolled in government-sponsored courses.

B. Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia:

In terms of education, numerous students choose to study medicine in Russia, home to some of the best universities. The benefits of studying in Russia are just some of the ones;  However, there are still several drawbacks that many consultants need to mention and minimize to satisfy their insatiable desire for cash. Let us closely check the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia.

Climate Can Be a Barrier

As you are aware, Russia is famed for its chilly climate. The country is often very chilly. The climates of Russia and India are distinct because of their lengthy winters. For the majority of the year, foreign students may anticipate regular snowfalls. All Russian nations experience temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius for three to five months. This might lead to health issues for Indian pupils who are not used to this type of climate. The Russian Medical University’s central heating system enables students to stay at a reasonable temperature. Nowadays, most medical institutes in Russia provide room heaters for students from tropical regions. These students can maintain a comfortable temperature and preserve their health thanks to the central heating system at the Russian Medical University.

Distance, a Matter of Concern

The shortest distance between the flight route of New Delhi and Moscow is around 4400 km which takes 6 hours to reach. And it is also tricky for newcomers to explore the routes to their universities as it is a vast country.

However, there are many direct flights from India to Russia and vice versa, making the journey easier and costing less. Direct flights from India to Russia take only around 8 hours, which can be a very time-saving option now. Respective Universities of Russia provide clear information regarding their route, and most of the time, they arrange pickup and drop facilities for international students.

Having Indian Food here can be a Challenge:

When Indian students decide to pursue an MBBS overseas, eating and living habits are a constant worry. The pupils find it quite challenging to adapt to new tastes and cultures. The students who enroll in Russian medical universities may also experience this issue frequently. 

However, as long as the students pick the correct university, lodging and food should be fine. In addition to assisting students in choosing colleges with great housing in terms of amenities and safety, Russian Educational institutes also organize Indian mess facilities for Indian students.

Russian Universities have also set up a team of Indian chefs in the dining hall so that all of the university’s students can take advantage of the delicious, sanitary, and nutritious Indian food.

Bottom Line: 

Russia is renowned for providing high-quality healthcare at reasonable costs. Students worldwide have had this choice for a long time because of the country’s economic MBBS programs and cutting-edge technology, which attract many students to study MBBS there without taking exams. Russia is where it has been seen to travel. Regarding the chance to study MBBS abroad, Russia is among the top options. Mbbsdirect.com, one of the best career counseling and consulting service providers, provide MBBS overseas guidance and in-depth aid for your promising career in the medical education sector.

Students will gain worldwide exposure due to wishing to study abroad and meet other students from other nations, cultures, and ethnicities. This will really help them settle down. In a country like Russia, medical students have a tremendous opportunity to be exposed to a large patient intake. Due to its accessibility, legitimacy, and international reputation, MBBS in Russia has grown immensely popular among international students throughout the years despite all the minor obstacles, restrictions, and disadvantages of studying in Russia. Thousands of students have previously overcome these obstacles and realized their ambition of becoming doctors.

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