Admission Process for MBBS Admission in Kyrgyzstan

1. Initiating the Application Process

In order to get admission in foreign medicals college, you are required to submit your 10th and 12thdocuments to representative office of first and foremost. In case you do not have a passport, you will be assisted by us through the process of applying for a passport.

Though the Visa application process in order to receive a Kyrgyz student visa is less complicated and hassle free, it is still beneficial to apply early. Normally, there are no problems faced during the process, however, one shouldn’t rely on it. makes no commitment of getting you a visa.

In case your passport has an expiration date of prior to six months after your intended departure date from Kyrgyzstan, then you must get it renewed as soon as possible.

2. Processing and Receipt of Your Visa will handle visa processing and receiving procedure for you, nevertheless. But it is advisable for you to be aware of the components.

Processing with the consulate is a straightforward procedure; all you need to do is ensure that you have all the required materials and documents:

At times there is a change in the requirements of Kyrgyz visa and there arises the need for us to get in touch with you for additional information. Additionally, it is better to check the following documents:

  • Original passport with at least two free pages
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Duly filled Visa application form
  • Invitation letter from the concerned university

Processing fee: It depends on the consulate, your citizenship, and at the processing time! So, there is a need to check with the consulate which you will be using for fees, processing times, and several transition related requirements

3.Extending Your Visa

In case your program is longer than one month, you can get your visa extended after you arrive. If you are a student of, this shall be done for you by your host institution. Given that the extended visa will also be valid for one month only, but studies are longer than this, then you can also apply for the third visa extension, which can cover three months or more.

If your plan is to leave Kyrgyzstan and re-enter, then you are required to contact the Visa office prior to making concrete travel plans. This will allow us to brief you on any visa and registration issues your plans might involve.

4.Registering Your Student Visa

In case you will be in Kyrgyzstan for the period of one month or less, then it is not mandatory for you to register if you are a citizen of certain countries, such as the USA and Canada. If your plans are of staying in Kyrgyzstan for more than a month, then you have to be registered at the address of the place you are staying in Kyrgyzstan and that too within three days of receiving the visa. Also, registration is generally done at the police station. However, if you are an student, your host institution in Kyrgyzstan will be registering you on your behalf.

Please Note: It is mandatory to register yourself within three days of receiving the visa, else you become liable to pay a fine.

5.Document Verification – Know Your Rights In Kyrgyzstan

It isn’t usually seen in other countries, but it is common for Kyrgyz Police to stop anyone anytime and ask for documents. They by and large target young people whose look is suspicious. Though it is not a stringent requirement to keep your credentials with you all the time, you can at least carry a copy of your passport/visa and identity card issued by the host university.

Please Note: Make sure that your documents are kept at a safe place.

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