Medical studies gain a lot of weight in most of the countries all across the globe. There are many students in and around the globe who aspire to pursue MBBS. But unfortunately this dream remains a dream for many deserving candidates due to several reasons. The main reason is the lesser number of Government Medical College seats and the high rate of competition for those seats. And if we take the case of the Private colleges, the tuition fees is unbelievably high which many students can afford but there are a bunch of talented students that lay back due to the difficult fees structure. If we take the example of students in India trying to apply for this course, we can see a huge number of applicants refused every year. They are talented students but are held back either due to some financial crunch or could not manage to get that one seat. Moreover if leave this entire aside we can also see that the quality of this course and the amenities that should be provided to a medical student is very limited in India.

But slowly and certainly this crunch is getting over as the most of the students in today’s age are trying to fly to other foreign countries that offer better standard of the same courses in minimal tuition fees structure. We can see a majority of students flying to Kyrgyzstan to study MBBS. The medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan offer a very authentic standard of medical studies and perfect amenities recognized under the World Health Organization and Medical Council of India. These universities are registered under the government of the country.

There are few Advantages of studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:

The first difficulty that every student faces while taking admission in any part of the world is the procedure, but Kyrgyzstan has a very simple and easy way of admission procedure without much complications. The student Visa application procedure is also very stress-free. There is no need to pay huge amount of donation and fees to the institution during the admission procedure.

There are no entrances that the students need to sit for. The standard of education is very high which matters a lot. These Universities provide up to date and most advanced teaching techniques with world class amenities. The practical training, apparatus etc. are top notch and state of the art ones. Moreover students doingtheirMBBS in Kyrgyzstan also gains International exposure, which is an added advantage.

Apart from that the tuition fees and the cost of living is very low and the students can also apply for the credit hour system provided by the universities for better studies. During the last year of their course the students are given the opportunity to work in the clinics run by the universities.

After the completion of this degree students can either take admission for further studies or can go back to their homelands and apply for jobs. The students from India can sit for the screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India. They can also apply for the European Union and United States of America for jobs. These degrees are documented all around the globe. The Indian students have the most appealing advantages in doing their medical studies in Kyrgyzstan

Security and safety of a student is ensured in the campus.

The students get plenty of opportunities to apply for their internship in quality hospitals. While doing their medical studies the students get to know the profound culture and history of the country also.

While selecting a program to study abroad everybody wants to seek the quality and value and this is the reason why we develop courses which are both comprehensive and economical. We want the aspirant students to get the best of what they actually deserve on pursuing their MBBS education in Kyrgyzstan.

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