All in one guide to study MBBS in China

A large number of Indian students prefer to study abroad now than ever before. The number of Indian students heading abroad is even more than that of China according to the Indian Students Mobility Report 2016 using figures from the main study destinations. Recent research has shown that China is one of the major emerging destinations for Indian students for pursuing MBBS in abroad. In 2015, Indian students to China have increased to 16,694 which is around 23% jump. Here is the step by step guide for students planning to study MBBS in China:

➢ STEP 1: We help you to make up your mind

  • Decide your budget for studying MBBS in China and look for quality along with low cost options.
  • Check the number of Indian students in that particular place who are pursuing MBBS.
  • Get an idea about the weather conditions at the location of the university you are considering.
  • Check the medium of study for MBBS course in all the selected universities.
  • Look for the safety aspects and cultural diversities in that particular place.

➢ STEP 2: Easily check the details about the selected university

  • Check the grade of the university.
  • Look for the experience of the university in teaching MBBS in English medium.
  • Check the infrastructure and facilities of the hospital affiliations.
  • Note the quality of the library provided by the university.
  • Calculate the estimated tuition fees and hostel charges of the university.
  • Check the number of Indian students studying at the university.

➢ STEP 3: Examine the expenses of the place you will be living in

  • Get an idea about the population in the city as well as in nearby cities for higher patients flow.
  • Calculate the estimated living expense for Indian students in that particular location.
  • Note the quality and food charges of the canteens available within the university campus.

➢ STEP 4: Apply easily through MBBSDIRECT

  • You can easily start your admission process by simply applying online through our website.
  • The student can also proceed by visiting us directly at our head office in Delhi anytime between 9am-6pm from Monday-Saturday.
  • For any enquiry regarding the admission process or a particular university, the student can rely on our expert counsellors who are just a call away.
  • The student will have to deposit an initial amount of Rs. 153,400 which will include the application fee, documentation fee, our service charges, and taxes.
  • The above mentioned fee, the copies of all the required documents, and the consent letter (agreement) must be deposited online or directly for initiating the admission process of the student.

➢ STEP 5: Wait and prepare for your admission confirmation

  • Within 10 days the student will be informed about admission confirmation at the selected university.
  • After admission confirmation, the student is required to submit his/her original documents including mark sheets, passport, photos etc. for thorough verification.
  • In case the admission is not confirmed due to unavailability of seats or any such similar issue, the student will be notified and the amount deposited previously will be refunded.

➢ STEP 6: Next receive your invitation letter

  • The student’s documents will be forwarded to the selected university for further verification by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.
  • Once the verification is completed, the student will be eligible to be given the invitation letter.
  • The otherwise long process will be done swiftly with the assistance of our support team and the student can expect to receive the invitation letter within 10-15 days.

➢ STEP 7: Pay your university fee and get your visa ready effortlessly

  • Once the student receives the invitation letter from the university in China, he/she must deposit the complete first-year fee without any delay.
  • The visa process for China is simple and easy for Indian students and will allow the student to make unrestricted travel between India and China.
  • The student will be provided with the Chinese Student Visa Approval Letter issued by the Department of Immigration of China.

➢ STEP 8: Prepare for your travel to China with us

  • For the convenience of our students and their parents/guardian, we will arrange a comfortable stay at a nearby hotel in Delhi for up to 2 nights before the student leaves for China with other students.
  • Our trusted team members, including guide and counsellor, will accompany our students throughout their travel to their respective universities in China.
  • Students can look forward to a comfortable journey in a good airline flight with all the necessary facilities, such as meals, extra luggage, blankets, etc.

➢ STEP 9: Complete the admission process at your university

  • On reaching the university, the student will be asked to check and sign a few verification documents required by the university.
  • If the student needs any assistance he/she can reach out to our trusted guide, who will be accompanying them.

➢ STEP 10: Expect our support even at your university

  • Students will be provided with complete support and local guidance by our counselling team whenever required.
  • We will be arranging new SIM cards for our students so that they can easily contact their parents/guardians when they reach their respective university in China.
  • Our students’ comfort is our priority. Therefore, we will make sure that each student has all the necessary facilities in the university hostels where they will be staying while studying MBBS in China.

The cultural diversity while studying MBBS in China provide the students with an opportunity to learn about different countries along with their respective cultural and religious beliefs. The medical universities in China help in bringing the world closer to each other through constant interaction among various groups of students. The medical faculty of universities in China are mostly impressive, promising high standard and reliable education system. The lab facilities of medical universities are of superior quality and all the types of equipment and machinery are modern and up to global standards.

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