ASMU – Barnaul, Russia.

ASMU Barnaul, Russia.

Founded: 1954

Located in: Barnaul, the capital of Altai Krai

Altai State Medical University is considered as one of the finest medical universities in Russia. Its education quality and facilities provided to the students are best among other medical universities in Russia. Altai State Medical University is a government university in Russia so its fee for MBBS program is lower. There are many Indian students studying in Altai State Medical University.

ASMU has English medium MBBS program for foreign students. ASMU English medium fee structure is as following-

Altai State Medical University Fee Structure 2019:

Altai State Medical University Fee Structure
World Ranking : 5986Category: B
1st YearRs. 5,45,000/-
2nd-6th Years 5 x Rs. 3,75,000/-
Total FeesRs. 24,20,000/-

Note: Above Fee Structure includes tuition fee, hostel fee, and documentation fees which need to pay to the university. However, students also need to bear the living cost which will be in between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month based on their personal lifestyle.

Indian Food: There is Indian mess in Altai State Medical University and food quality is very good.

Below is the information about Barnaul city where Altai State Medical University is situated.

Barnaul City

One amongst the major industrial, cultural and educational centre of Siberia; Barnaul is a city in Russia. It is administrative centre of Altai Krai, Russia, located at the confluence of the Barnaulka River and the Ob River in the West Siberian Plain. This beautiful city has the population above 700, 000 people, making it 21st largest city of Russia.


The city of Barnaul was founded in 1730, and granted the status of a mining city in 1771. Being in close proximity to the mineral-rich Altai Mountains and on a bank of major river, the settlement was founded in the 1730s by the wealthy Demidov family. Akinfiy Demidov, the owner of mines, brought 200 peasants to Altai to build metallurgical works. When Demidov began the construction of copper- and silver-melting works, this promoted the settlement growing around them and was the foundation stone for this city.

The gorgeous monuments of history and architecture of Barnaul are evidences of those glorious times, because of the natural beauty of this place that people called it “Siberian Eldorado”, “a small corner of Saint-Petersburg”, “the most cultural corner of Siberia” and “Siberian Athens”.


Barnaul is the administrative centre of the krai; an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts.Originally Barnaul was constructed after Saint-Petersburg model which greatly determined the outlook of the central part of the city.

Geographical position at the southern end of the Siberian lowland it is subject to long frosty winters with little snow and warm summers.The coldest month is January (the average temperature is -17.5 degrees Celsius), the warmest – July (+19.8 degrees C).


Being one of the important industrial centre of Western Siberia, there are more than 100 enterprises in the city fulfilling the employment needs of the country to a great extent. Leading industries include diesel and carbon processing; as well as production of heavy machinery, tires, furniture and footwear.

Barnaul places of interest

City symbol is a building with spire on Lenin avenue which is the most popular, beautiful and longest avenue of Barnaul. Architectural monument of wooden architecture, Hipped tower in Barnaul which stands on the bank of Barnaulka River.

The main street of the city – are also rather interesting. Lenin Avenue is one of the most favourite places among locals, its boulevard part stretches from Leo Tolstoy Street till October Square.

One of the rare example of wooden building is the right-angled building which has the main entrance designated by glassed arch, pediment and squamous hipped tower. Large windows and delicate border and cornice carving give building an ornate view.

City has 7-meters high white letters “BARNAUL” installed, that can easily be viewed by people coming to the city by Noviy (New) bridge. These letters resemble the sign “HOLLYWOOD” on Hollywood hills.

The city has a network of modern movie theatres, miniplex and multiplex, one of them is opened in the shopping centre “Arena” with 8 IMAX screens.

In all Barnaul city is the perfect blend of natural and historical beauty making it worth travelling and the place has good educational and infrastructural facilities.

One of the leading medical universities of West Siberia, Altai State Medical University (ASMU) is dedicated to imparting high quality medical training.

Altai State Medical University Today

Altai State Medical University is one of the prestigious higher educational establishments of Western Siberia with departments opened almost at all medical specialties: General Medicine, Pediatrics, Pharmaceutics, Stomatology, Nursing, Hygiene and Disease Prevention, besides the vocational education it offers.

This university is providing all sorts of training and re-training of doctors, pharmacists, specialists in economics and management in health care. The structural units which operate here are as follows: faculties, departments, administration, institutions, offices, laboratories, centres, divisions, departments, the central research laboratory (CSRL), a dental clinic, clinic, dormitories, administrative and economic divisions.

The six faculties of the university are: The Faculties of General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Preventive Medicine and Advanced Nursing. Approximately 5000 students a year are trained in these faculties. Besides these, an extensive post graduate program and a retraining program for medical personnel happens here. The Institute of Pre-University Training and the Institute of Postgraduate Training offer all round and regular professional development of the students and postgraduates of Altai State Medical University.

This year, students and specialists from 16 countries took admission at this university. It includes Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine to list a few. Altai State Medical University has its Association of Foreign Students.

The Faculty of General Medicine

It was in 2016 that the university organised the Faculty of Foreign Students and the students of this faculty since then are trained in General Medicine and Dentistry. Education for this is imparted in the English Language for the first two years with an intensive course of the Russian Language. This facilitates them to go to clinical departments with other students as the third year begins.

The Faculty of general medicine was founded in 1954.

It is since then, it has been growing and has become one of the largest medical faculties in the Russian Federation. The faculty graduates get to practise in various health care institutions, in health care management, medical educational institutions, research institutions and as well are free to do social services.

Graduates of the faculty of general medicine get a General Practitioner qualification. This means, they are eligible to treat adolescents, that is age 15–18 and adults, that is over 18.

While the residency training facilitates the graduates with the qualification of a narrow specialist, that is, a surgeon, an obstetrician-gynaecologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, to count a few.

Pre-university Course

The most experienced Altai State Medical University professors are involved in a 9-month preparatory course for foreigners. The classes are held in Russian language and Chemistry as well as Biology are taught. This course ascertains that you qualify the university entrance exam successfully. Students’ residence is available to the course students.

Students’ Residence

There are three dormitories for the students of this university that are based in the centre of the city. The dorms are close to the main public transport routes that makes dorms easily accessible. There are playing grounds, reading halls which help students use their time most efficiently.

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