SpeakDirect Video Sessions

SpeakDirect is a paid video counselling service offered by MBBSDIRECT. You must be wondering why should I pay for the counselling when it is available in the market absolutely FREE!

Well! there is one thing, you should understand!

Nothing is free in this world! Everything has a cost, either hidden or open.

What do you think about the free counselling sessions? You are consuming someone’s time for FREE and they are giving you their valuable time for free?


if you pay attention to the so-called counsellor’s advice, you can understand, every counselor is trying to convince you for a university of their choice, not yours choice. Of course, for a reason, you can understand.

So, how to get most valuable advice for your career?

Pay for the service and get honest advice!

MBBSDIRECT offers SpeakDirect service where you can pay for the counseling and get unbiased information which can shape your career in the right way! And, our counsellor do not even try to offer admissions from mbbsdirect during the session!

SpeakDirect to our counselors and feel empowered with the information and take decisions which are best for your career!

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