Cost of Living in Russia: Pricing of Essential Items

Please check below the pricing of essential items in Russia.

Rs. 150 Meal at a Average Restaurants
Rs. 600 Meal of 2 person in a good restaurant
Rs. 16 A bottle of Water (500ml.)
Rs. 42 Milk (1 lt)
Rs. 45 Banana 1kg
Rs. 90 Apple 1kg
Rs. 40 Rice 1kg (good quality)


Transportation Related Cost

Rs. 11/km Taxi tariff
Rs. 25 (approx) Within 5km local travel in buses, trams


Shopping, Clothing in Russia

Rs. 2200 1 Pair of Levis 501 jeans in a mall
Rs. 1000 1 pair of jeans in a shop in the city
Rs. 3000 1 Pair of Nike Shoes
Rs. 1000 1 Pair of Local Leather shoes


Apartment on Rent in Russia

Rs. 15,000/month rent 1 BHK Apartment in city center (Fully Furnished)
Rs. 9000/month Rent 1 BHK Apartment not in city center (Fully Furnished)

So you can generally see that living in Russian Cities (Except Moscow and St. Petersburg) is cheaper than Living in New Delhi or Mumbai.

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