China: Life, Expenses and Climate

Living Standard:

China’s quality of life has improved. New airports have sprung up in every major and mid-tier province, opening up access to regions of China left unexplored earlier. Also, taking a bullet train is a great alternative. Four of the world’s nine tallest buildings are in China. Better laws have been put in place for issues such as violent crime. China’s stamp down on corruptions on all levels has greatly improved the lives of the lower classes.

Economic Development:

China’s global economic influence and power are unmistakable with an average growth rate of over 9% p.a. since 1978. Rapid, sustained growth in China has lifted over 700 million people out of extreme poverty. All of the Millennium Development Goals have been reached or are within reach. China is an increasingly open economy where trade accounts for over seventy per cent of GDP.

Living Expense:

A one-bedroom apartment in China only costs between 2000-4000 RMB each month, depending on the city and the area of town. The utilities like electricity, water, gas and internet, combined price per month will only be around 100 RMB.

Transportation within cities in China is quite cheap. The city bus only costs 2 RMB per ride, and the subway/metro starts at 2 RMB for short distances.

Eating in China is much less expensive overall. There are a number of options for grocery shopping in China for just a couple RMB.

Weather Conditions:

Due to its diverse climate, the weather in different regions of China differs considerably. In spring, the air temperature in eastern China is relatively moderate. In summer, the air temperature in the east raises above +24°C, while the maximum rainfall amount falls on the summer period. Winters in the east of China are cold enough.

Currency Value:

Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) is the currency of China and was first introduced in China in 1948. The symbol for the currency is “¥”. According to the BIS, the Chinese Yuan is the 9th most traded currency.

1 Chinese Yuan (CNY) equals 10.59 Indian Rupee (INR)

Medical Education Standard:

The medical universities in China help in bringing the world closer to each other through constant interaction among various groups of students. The medical universities in China are mostly impressive, promising high standard and reliable education system. The lab facilities of medical universities are of superior quality and all the equipment are up to global standards.

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