Ukraine: Life, Expenses and Climate

Living Standard:

Ukraine is a much less expensive place to live. The local people look favourably upon visitors or residents from other countries. It is easy to find places, where one can change most currencies and ATMs, are available at many locations all over the cities. There are several supermarkets along with many open-markets near every neighbourhood. Medical care in Ukraine, for residents, is free. People prefer to live in Ukraine mostly due to the general sense of freedom as well as economic and political advantages.

Economic Development:

Reforms and changes that were introduced in 2017 reduced the pressure of some acute problems on the country’s economy. Among the important decisions taken is the automated compensation of VAT. The banking sector in 2017 was able to record profit after a global purge of the system conducted by the National Bank in 2014-2016; rates on bank loans and deposits began to decline, and the liquidity of the system began to grow, creating a base for credit recovery.

Living Expense:

Almost all universities in Ukraine have their own hostels where international students can live. Price for a room in a hostel will be from $40-100 USD, with 1 or 2 roommates.

A one-way ticket in local transport (bus, tram, subway, trolley-bus, etc) will cost you $0.4-0.7 USD. A taxi will cost you $2-3 USD plus $ 0.45 USD per 1 km.

It is better to use large retail supermarkets where prices are low and shopping is much easier. If you can afford to spend $500 per month, you can live in a great apartment with a good lifestyle in Ukraine.

Weather Conditions:

The climate of Ukraine can be described as dry and continental influenced climate with dry summers and fairly cold winters. January is the coldest month with daytime temperatures usually around 0°C. Heavy snowfall is also possible on some days. There are more than 290 sunny days in the year.

Currency Value:

The currency used in Ukraine is the Ukrainian Hryvnia. The sign used to denote it is “₴”.

1 Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) equals 2.61 Indian Rupee (INR)

Medical Education Standard:

Medical education in Ukraine is widely acknowledged and appreciated for its recognition globally, affordable tuition fees, and a world-class education system. The focus is given to individual student’s learning and maintenance of the right balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. Also, there are several innovative activities, contests, and cultural clubs to choose from.

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