Want to Study MBBS in China at non-pricey outlook? Go for Dalian Medical University!

Almost everyone knows about china! But if you don’t care about what goes on in China, consider the aspect of its education! China gives high-quality education, according to what history and research say. Even though it is the world’s most populated nation, it has been the top-ranking nation in educational standards.

Choose to study MBBS at any Chinese institute like Dalian Medical University and make the ultimate decision of your life. China has many useful and promising things to offer in the area of education. No matter the number of students going for a course in these universities, the quality and standard of the university are still excellent. If you’re having doubts, read along to clear them off!

Dalian Medical University DMU at a Glance

  • MBBS intake in DMU is in September of every academic session
  • MBBS Lowest percentage in DMU is 70% during PCBE
  • NEET qualification is required with qualifying scores
  • TOEFL or IELTS is not necessary

About Dalian Medical University

Dalian Medical University, China is a one-stop-get it, the university in Dalian, Liaoning, China. It was founded in the year 1947 but moved to another campus at Dalian Lushunkou District in China during the year 2007.

Indian students have made this DMU (Dalian Medical University, China) one of their most preferred choices for non-pricey MBBS entrance Abroad. One of the most exciting parts of this university is that it is now widespread. When the university is placed with other medical Chinese institutes as regards to quality teaching techniques and elite hospitals for internships, it scores highest. You are sure of the top chances of getting a job after studying MBBS in China!

Eligibility for MBBS

  • Applicants should be from a STEM context with Chemistry, Physics, and Biology inside their curriculum.
  • The age must be from 17 years of age and the maximum age of 25, respectively. It applies to all nations, especially India.
  • The applicant score must be 70% minimum in the whole subject during the higher secondary examination.
  • It is compulsory to have valid school training for about 2 years as per the required subjects
  • The applicant ought to be fluent in the English language and capable of communicating accordingly.

Fee Structure

The fees for studying MBBS in DMU includes

  • 45,000 RMB for each year
  • The cost of living is about 160 to 250 USD each month

Course Duration

The duration of MBBS in DMU is 5 years plus 1 additional year for internship and training. The essence of the training is for perfection and mastery. Unlike other institutes with lesser or higher duration, Dalian Medical University still provides the student with the adequate knowledge they need require in less than 7 years. The medium of teaching is English, which makes teaching simple for students from any nation. It aids understanding and effectiveness.


WHO and MCI acknowledge and recognize Dalian Medical University. This is because they give the students what it takes to be an MBBS graduate from China. The school adds advanced medical education to its offerings! They make the victory path easy for students, especially Indian students. Dalian Medical University makes successful career possibilities available to its graduates in MBBS. After reaching the requirements of MBBS in China at DMU, work is ready and waiting for you!

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