• First focus on the details of the course

MBBS is a versatile field that can be studied anywhere in the world, so you will undoubtedly have several options to choose from. Since the primary focus is on quality education, you should extensively research about the course before planning to find the right destination for studying MBBS. By listing down the priorities and interests it will be easier to identify the course preferences. You can go through university websites and modules to know details about the MBBS course offered in various universities, such as the duration, the medium of instruction, detailed course structure, intake sessions, etc. Check the balance between practical training and theoretical training. This will further help you to be sure about the MBBS course requirements while narrowing down the destination options.


  • Scope of MBBS in the city/country you are planning to study

Look for the industries and opportunities that will open up for you to explore once you have completed your MBBS course from a particular destination. Consider the countries that have the maximum number of students undertaking the MBBS course and will be able to help you grow professionally. Check the industry base and quality of internship options available in your selected city. By understanding this, you will not only have an idea about the available opportunities, but also a better knowledge about the nature of the jobs that will be offered to you later.


  • The entry requirements for MBBS course

Check thoroughly the entry requirements for the MBBS course in your selected study destination. Understand your limitations and preferences, so that you can select the best destination and university possible for studying MBBS based on your 12thand NEET score. Usually, students are not required to give any additional entrance test for admission in MBBS abroad. Check whether you will have to take any local language course along with your MBBS course, which usually benefits you with local interactions during your internship.


  • The educational infrastructure in your study destination

Different destinations may vary in their educational infrastructures, which may or may not be in accordance to your requirements. Check for the strength of the faculty, quality of classrooms, security system, accommodation, and other necessary facilities that you are expecting in your study destination. A comfortable and friendly environment while studying will aid you to perform better and make new connections.


  • Fees and living expenses in your study destination

You should consider the living expenses along with the estimate fee structure of a particular study destination. Check whether accommodation expense is covered in your fee structure or not, medical insurance charges, the value of the currency, transportation charges, and cost of basic utilities and such others, so that you can roughly calculate the amount of money you will be spending annually. Also, take into consideration the duration of your MBBS course as it may vary from country to country. You can also look out for student scholarships and part-time jobs available in different countries and compare your expenses accordingly before deciding your final study destination.


  • Value of your MBBS degree back in India

Reflect upon the value of the MBBS degree, that you will be getting after completing your course, in India especially if you intend to return back. If you have plans to immigrate to another country, consider the job opportunities you will have there. A credible and relevant degree will boost your future prospects once you return and you will have the benefit of having a global exposure along with several other valuable experiences. Make sure you pick a study destination that will offer you a MBBS degree that is acceptable in most of the other countries.


  • The student visa requirements and policies

Go through the visa requirements of the countries you have shortlisted. The visa process, rules, and processing costs are usually different for every country and as an aspirant, you should be aware of these. With the help of the right counsellors, you can easily understand the visa rules and process in your study destination along with clearing any doubts that you have regarding the same.


  • The culture and lifestyle of your study destination

It is an exciting opportunity for you to explore the culture and lifestyle of a new place, especially one different from India. Look for places in the country where you can find Indian stores and restaurants. Get a brief idea about the local language, culture, people, food, weather, and lifestyle of your selected destination which will not only ensure your final decision, but will also help you for preparing and packing for your journey abroad.

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