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In case you are planning to study abroad on a student visa, there is a need for you to have appropriate health insurance, which covers you for the entire duration of your studies.

Student Health Insurance Plan

Having supplemental health insurance is a primary requirement of the college besides paying the Student Health Center Fee. The College Student Health Insurance Plan will act as a cover and help you in bearing the cost of care that cannot be attained on campus, specifically at the time of emergencies where hospitalization may be needed.

The Student Health Insurance Plan of college functions in concurrence with the Student Health Center and is based on the student medical centre. That is the reason why all students enrolled and registered in the College Student Health Insurance Plan are needed to pay the Student Health Center Fee as well. The charge for Fall 2015 is $40. This will appear on your fee receipt each semester headed as “Student Health Ins”. These charges will be triggered and levied upon your account as soon as you meet one of the following:

Primary Care:

Student Health Center addresses your basic healthcare needs with primary care services, which comprises:

  • Acute and Chronic Medical Concerns
  • Health Education
  • Preventative Care
  • STD Screenings
  • Reproductive Health Concerns
  • Men’s Health
  • Women’s Health

At Student Health Center, the treatments of most ailments as well as succeeding follow up visits are scheduled on an appointment basis with a primary care clinician. Herein, your medical history is studied and illnesses are assessed, after which you are referred to specialists if required. Besides this, those students who have submitted the student health centre fee are proffered with unlimited primary care visits at the health centre. You may simply call or visit them in person to make an appointment.

Urgent Care:

Student Health Center serves as a place to students wherein they can get help in the course of an unforeseen medical emergency during the study hours. At the times when an unexpected injury happens or a mishap takes place, or times when attention is needed to a sudden illness, you are allowed to visit the student health centre without an appointment and see a healthcare specialist.

This urgent care department is referred to as acute care and is located near the health centre. Herein, all the patients who check in for sudden medical issues will be examined first by a registered nurse and further recommended to a specialist based on the medical condition of the student and urgency of their situation.

Self-Care Resources:

The information regarding self-care is provided to students in order to acquaint them with the necessities which allow them to make informed choices about their health. However, this listing is not intended to act as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is recommended to follow your healthcare provider’s advice in case it is different from what is on the list. In case, you are still in doubt regarding the right decision with respect to your health, feel free to make an appointment with the doctor at the student health centre.

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