Irkutsk State Medical University Review

Irkutsk State Medical University Review

With a 96-year-old history, Irkutsk State Medical University (ISMU) is one of the elite Medical University in Russia which aim to train experts in the field of medicine and pharmacy. A non profit public higher education institute based out of Irkutsk, “ISMU” has all latest equipment and technology for the students to learn during theoretical and practical classes.

Recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI), ISMU ranks 34th among world’s 100 top Universities. Attracting 3000-4000 students each year,students get trained from Junior specialists, Specialists to the Masters Level.


Founded in 1919, Irkutsk State Medical University (ISMU) is one of the largest state university in Siberia and Far East. ISMU since inception has trained over 11000 medical students and has produced more than 500 doctors in last 50 years. The doctors are serving in 25 different countries in Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America and many more.

Department & Infrastructure

Currently, the university comprises of 19 faculties with more than 18,000 students across 63 departments. Professional teaching staff includes 100 professors and 364 candidates of science provide training.

Educational buildingsof 18th and 19th centuries offer great historical and architectural value. At the same time the laboratories and observatories have the latest technology in place. Practical work in laboratories can be undertaken under the mentorship of famous scientists, professors and learned professionals.

There are 18 city hospitals under the university providing good practical skills along with theoretical knowledge. Facilties offered to the students in the university are ideal for higher studies and research. Senior students of all the faculties have specialized courses and internship in laboratories and scientific research institutions of ISU and Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

University also has basketball, tennis and volleyball courts for its students to have some play time.

Faculties under Medicine Study at ISMU

FacultyDurationDegree Offered
Medical Faculty6 yearsDoctor of Medicine
Pediatric Faculty6 yearsDoctor of Pediatrics
Preventive Medical Faculty6 yearsDoctor of Preventive Medicine
Dental Faculty5 yearsDoctor of Dentistry
Pharmaceutical Faculty5 yearsDoctor of Pharmacy
Public Health Management Faculty, Law in Medicine, Medical Biochemistry4 yearsDoctor of Public Health Management
Preliminary Training Faculty10 months– (A primary level training course)


University is located in the Irkutsk city, the 6th largest city of Russia. It is situated in the Southern-Eastern part of Russia, along with the Famous Lake Baikal.

Nearest Airport

International Airport Irkutsk is an airport on the outskirts of Irkutsk,at a distance of 60 kilometers from Lake Baikal. The airport has daily domestic flights to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Sochi and some other Russian cities.

Nearest Metropolitan City

According to the regional plan, Irkutsk city will be combined with its neighboring industrial towns of Shelekhov and Angarsk to form a metropolitan area.

Physical Location

Irkutsk lies on the Angara River, a tributary of the Yenisei, 72 kilometers below its outflow from Lake Baikal and on the bank opposite the suburb of Glaskovsk.

City’s Development

The largest city in Siberia, Russia; Irkutsk is an adminstrative center of Irkutsk Region. A city full of landscapes, the beauty of Irkutsk is the unique blend of ancient and modern Russian culture which attracts millions of tourists every year.

Being one of the largest scientific and educational centers, Irkutsk has over 100 thousand students who study more than 260 specialities, in 23 universities.


Irkutsk has a great temperature variation between seasons. July being the warmest month record the average temperature of +18 °C, the highest temperature recorded being +37.2 °C. The coldest month of the year is January, when the average temperature is −18 °C.


University has twin and triple sharing basis rooms available in hostels. Internet faciltiy is provided to the hostelers.


ISMU has over 100 Indian students in all courses. There is a separate mess for Indian students where Indian food is prepared to satisfy student’s taste buds.

Medium of Study

ISMU provides all courses in Russian and English medium of instruction.

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