Jalalabad State Medical University Kyrgyzstan


Jalalabad State Medical University is a part of the International University of Kyrgyzstan. Situated in Jalabad, the capital city of the country, this medical school was setup by the government of the country in order to train the doctors at par with the international standards. Recognized as one of the best institutes in the country, its medium of instruction is English. The university aims at training medical professionals to treat Eurasian population. The Jalalabad University of Kyrgyzstan (JUK) was coined in 1993 by a member of President JUK of the Kyrgyz Republic that also gave the University a leading status of international higher education institution. The Jalalabad University is beautifully located in Bishkek – capital of Kyrgyz Republic. Building of the Jalalabad University is among most beautiful buildings of Bishkek which is located on a central street of the city. The university also has three campuses which are located among the following cities:

Osh and Jalalabad (southern region of Kyrgyzstan) and in Karakol-city (Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan).The joint project with University of Karlstad (Sweden) also resulted in joining the European Credit Transformation System (ECTS).


The structural chart of Jalalabad State Medical University is made of eleven academic departments and six administrative departments fully guided under the RECTOR Dr.CHYNGYSHPAEV SHAMIL MUKASHEVICH. Assisting him there are also four VICE-RECTORS, each assigned to their respective departments/fields. The Accounts Department provides the administrative infrastructure to support the pursuit of excellence and innovation in education and research with full support. The department of Academic affairs mainly deals with the academic affairs of under graduate programs and is much responsive for analyzing and guiding students. The department of International Affairs guides upon all the international collaborations made and to be made, giving the students the best international scope as well as standards. The Student Affairs department keeps an eye on the entire financial and educational record of all students and is primarily responsible for a better communication with them in any issue. The Dean’s Office holds the main responsibilities of overseeing school performances, guiding and taking important decisions regarding the academics of students and

acting as a bridge which correlates the students and faculty in a perfect manner. Apart from school’s 11 academic departments and 6 administrative units, the Human Resource department provides better leadership in creating and maintaining a work environment that fully attracts, develops, rewards and retains a talented, productive and favorable workforce.


The Staff/faculty of the Jalalabad State Medical University includes highly qualified specialists trained in top leading medical centers of Russian Federation and European Union.

JUK invites Professors from other countries which provide guest lectures and special training programs to the students for their better excellence and also participate in several joint research activities in specific fields.

The JUK has well qualified and skilled staff and faculty. All the members of IUK faculty members have gone through training at San Francisco State University (USA), University of Michigan (USA), the University of Karlstad (Sweden), University of Hanover (Germany), Arnhem Business School (the Netherlands), the University of Laplandia (Finland), Tohoku University (Japan), Central European University (Hungary), University of Bern, (Switzerland), Salem International University (USA) and other leading world academic institutions.

The Jalalabad State Medical  University is affiliated with International University of Kyrgyzstan (IUK). It has its main campus and it is located in the heart of the capital city. This Block of university is well built with a number of auditoriums, lecture halls, Practical labs very well equipped with modern multimedia facilities. Now comes the central Library of the University which is located in this block, where a student can find almost all the books needed for his academic carrier. The library is well facilitated with academic books, it also retains huge space for many other useful books that a student needs and finds much interesting. The main administration of JUK is based in this Block, which acquires the beautiful scenery of Philharmonia of the Kyrgyz Republic in the capital Bishkek, which adjoins the campus.

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