MBBS in China for Korean Students

China has over 5,000 Korean students pursuing medicine in its various universities. The stature and strength of Chinese medical education are growing and it definitely attracts international students for opting China as a destination for pursuing MBBS from abroad. China’s increasing importance as a trading partner is quite evident in its neighbouring region, Korea. The educational cooperation between the two countries is expanding day by day and China has become one of the top choices for medical education for Korean students. The number of Korean students enrolling in Chinese medical universities has tripled within the last year.

Why Korean students prefer to study Medicine in China?

1) The growth and reputation of the education system in China is quite evident in the Times Higher Education BRICS and Emerging Economies Rankings 2016. The rankings released on 2nd December 2017 highlights China as more influential in the educational field than all other nations of BRICS and 30 other emerging economies.

2) The major investment programmes, such as- the “211 Project” (concentrated support on 118 universities) and the “985 Project” (zeroed in on the country’s 39 leading institutions) have given medical education a big boost.

3) The severe shortage of medical schools in Korea has also led to a major flow of Korean students for pursuing medical studies in China. The influence of the Chinese education system is now widely acknowledged by international students and also, the cost of medical education in China is quite low.

4) Currently, China has started to open international campuses of its own and the World Class 2.0 initiative aims to create international hubs within China in partnership with leading overseas institutions. The Chinese government has established a goal of attracting 500,000 international students by 2020.

5) The cultural diversity while studying MBBS in China provide Korean students with an opportunity to learn about different countries along with their respective cultural and religious beliefs. The medical universities in China help in bringing the world closer to each other through constant interaction among various groups of students.

6) Most of the universities have introduced the English language as the main medium of instruction for student’s convenience. The medical faculty of universities in China is mostly impressive, promising high standard and reliable education system. The lab facilities of medical universities are of superior quality and all the equipment and machinery are modern and up to global standards.

7) The accommodation facilities for international students are remarkable in medical universities of China. The cost of living is much lower in China than in the other countries of the world. International students don’t have to worry about food as the universities have their own mess which provides a variety of cuisines to choose from.

8) To help international students to learn the magnificent and attractive Chinese culture and custom, most Chinese universities organize all kinds of special activities. The cultural events at the universities represent several countries on the campus and each student gets to leave a unique impression during their campus life.

How is China a better choice than the others?

  • The Chinese economy and society are strong, stable, and reliable.
  • There are more educational options than ever in China.
  • The tuition fee is quite low as compared to other countries.
  • Assured quality medical education within 5 years duration.
  • Chinese traditional medicine has a growing reputation. It will be an opportunity to join a growing trend.
  • Since Chinese is the world’s most spoken language, it could be great for medical student’s career.
  • The Chinese government is investing heavily in international students.

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