MBBS in Russia for Arabic Students

Russia has become one of the most popular countries for Arabic students for pursuing medicine abroad. The Russian medical universities are widely recognized for their exceptional medical teaching style and advanced infrastructure. The fees for studying MBBS in Russia is much lower than other countries of Europe, the UK, Canada, USA and many others. The government of Russia keeps an eye on the medical education system making it more advanced with world-class infrastructure and technology. The Arabic students, who pass out from a medical university in Russia, are eligible to work in any part of the world.

Why students from Arabic countries prefer to study Medicine in Russia?

  • The admission process is simpler than universities in other countries where a large number of students apply for a limited number of available places in various schools of medicine. Even the student visa application process for Arabic students in quick and easy.
  • No entrance test has to be cleared by Arabic students for studying MBBS in Russia as the admission is completely merit-based. Students just have to follow the required application and admission procedures.
  • Medical universities in Russia promises high-quality education and remarkable academic standards. International students are given access to modern labs, state of the art hospitals and a degree that is recognized by organizations such as- WHO, UNESCO and several others.
  • MBBS in Russia gives Arabic students affordable medical education opportunity under reliable living expenses.
  • With the modern technology and the latest medical facilities available, MBBS in Russia has gained a much high reputation among the Arabic students.
  • Arabic students don’t have to face language issues as MBBS in Russia, in most of the universities, is taught in English. The aspirants are required to know how to read and write in English.
  • Russian medical universities offer safe study environment, as well as most of the universities, are internationally accredited and recognized worldwide.

Facilities in Russia for Arabic Students:

Campus Life:

Learning is not confined to the classroom in Russia. Arabic students can choose from a wide range of cultural activities. Most universities arrange trips that guide the culture, history, and geography of Russia. There are several museums and galleries to explore. Also, students can look forward to extracurricular activities such as drama productions, horse riding, pilot lessons and many sports. Several social and recreational activities and facilities are available to students in universities, such as opera houses, ballets, and plays. The yearly traditional and cultural events are a major attraction for international students.


Most of the medical universities in Russia provide comfortable accommodation with all the necessary facilities. University hostels facilitate an exciting opportunity to interact with foreign students and understand the cultures of other countries. Also, there are options for different cuisines available in the canteens and university hostels.


Severe winters in Russia usually last for 2-3 months in a year. The hostels, classrooms, shops, the public transports, all are centrally heated. Arabic Students should make sure to have warm clothes like fur coats, caps, gloves etc. while moving to Russia. During most part of the year, Russia has a temperature around +20 degrees.


The preferred modes of transportation for students in Russia include- bus, trolleybus, tramway, and subway. Russia has quite reliable and substantial public transportation systems which are reasonably priced and easily accessible to students from universities.


Russia may seem a long way from home, but, the country has dependable communication services, which makes it easy for students to keep in touch with their family and friends in any part of the world.

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