MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

Russia is one of the favourite nations for the Indian students to go and pursue their MBBS in Russia. Russia is one of the well-known countries for medical education; its universities are among the top medical universities worldwide. Russia was one of the two superpower counties until 1991, in 1991 USSR dissolve in Russian Federation and 17 countries have been separated from Russia. Russia is one of the favourite destinations for Indian students for MBBS because it provides high-quality education, it is a friendly country to India and its lifestyle and culture are connected to the Indian. The ethnic groups of Russia comprise nearly 80% of Russians. People of Russia speak Russian but in many other parts of Russia, many other dialects are also common.


The climate in Russia vary from place to place but in general Russian is a very cold place, some of the coldest places in the world located in Russia. There are several factors that determine the climate of Russia one of which includes the large size of the country. Russia stretches from Europe to the East of Asia.  Its climate varies from place to place. But most of its part is colder than the other part of the world.


The Russian dynasty was founded by Viking Rurik in 862. The Mongols invaded the country in 1237. Most of the major cities were destroyed by the Mongols. In 1861, serfdom was abolished from Russia. In the 1980s, the country began to experience supply shortages. Imported goods began to flood into the country. Putin’s rise to power is a significant event in Russian history. Putin brought about political stability in the country.


Russian GDP is worth $ 1.47 Trillion which makes it one of the most developed countries in the world.  The Natural gas and petrochemical resources are the primary export business in Russia. Top performing industries in Russia is petrochemical, natural gas, automobile, arms, military pieces of equipment etc. China and Indian are the biggest importers of Russian products. Medical education is also contributing a bigger part in the Russian economy because most of the Indian students go to Russia to pursue MBBS.


Russian people are very friendly, especially to the Indians because Indians and Russians are called friends. Russian people are fond of reading; they love to read a lot. You can see many people reading a book on trains and buses. Their general knowledge is very good and they are considered very well educated worldwide.


The primary language of the nation is Russian but many people can speak English, Chinese, Spanish and other languages as well. People are there love to speak many languages as they choose German or Spanish or other European languages for their optional subjects in their high schools.

MBBS in Russia

However, Russia offers the best quality medical educations in the world but most of the universities have bilingual studies. They teach students first 3 years in English and last 3 years in the Russian language. But few Universities like Altai State Medical University, Moscow State Medical University teaches all 6 years program in English. Other benefits of studying MBBS in Russia are-

  • No need to pay any donation money.
  • Do not need to pass any entrance exams.
  • Very easy admission process.
  • The degree is validated by MCI, Who and UNESCO.
  • High-quality education.
  • Very affordable fees.
  • Great accommodation facilities.
  • Well equipped hospitals with tertiary care.
  • Advanced teaching facilities.

Russian universities are globally recognized for medical education. Teaching faculty is very good and student to teacher ratio is around 7:1 in most of the universities that is very good compared to other countries. Russian medical universities provide medical education in very affordable fees that make its reach to the masses. Most of the universities have bilingual study medium that means, from 1st year to 3rd year, the medium of study is English and from 4th year to 6th year medium of study is Russian.

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