MBBS in China & MBBS in Russia

In India, becoming doctor is the dream for majority of the students. From babyhood, parents, teachers and influential people in Indian society counsel studying either engineering or medicine. If there are two children in a family, the probability are one will be an engineer and the other will be a doctor. This is the vision of most of the Indian parents. Even though engineering seats have increased significantly over the years, it’s not the case with MBBS. The possibility of getting the medical seats in India is very less due to following stats:

  • Every year more than 6, 50,000 students apply for medical examinations but seats are only 3000.
  • Government and privates seats sums up to 65,000 in India.
  • Competition is very high.
  • For each medical seat in India, 180 students fight.

Nevertheless, all hope is not vanished. Aspirant can now study MBBS abroad to fulfil their dreams, that too at a very reasonable cost. Usually students and their parents are worried about MBBS admission when it comes of studying abroad. World has become a global village, studying MBBS abroad has become more trouble-free and comfortable than ever before.Moreover, it’s surprising that around 8,000 students study MBBS abroad in MCI approved colleges every year like China, Russia.

MBBS in China and Russia is relevant. Here are some common points for studying MBBS in either of these countries:

  1. Reasonable fees:The first and the utmost important factor which captivates the international students to Russian and Chinese University is due to its reasonable feestructure. Since, all students does not comes from high class societies, so fees really matters a lot. So, choosing MBBS in China or Russia is undeniably a judiciouschoice.
  2. No donation:No need to pay donation or other unnecessary expenses at these Universities.
  3. No entrance exam, no IELTS, TOEFL is required for admission:Student doesn’t need to prepare for medical entrance exams and wait for the results. Students can get directly admitted to the toprenowned and certified Chinese and Russian universities.
  4. Excellenteducation:Since Chinese and Russian universities have abrilliant campus and infrastructure conveying a high quality education. They also have excellent faculties who are well experienced and trained in order to deliver classes to foreign students.
  5. Globally accepted degrees:Whenever students are thought of doing a degree from abroad, the first question which strikes their mind is the degree internationally accepted?Well, most of the universities in both the countries are endorsed by MCI, PMC, SLMC etc. and listed with WHO and UNESCO directory.
  6. Excellent campus:Both the universities have a pretty big campus, hi-tech facilities, library and excellent hostel facilities for international students.
  7. Low cost of living: Studying in China and Russia is less expensive as compared to other European countries.
  8. English medium course:AlthoughRussian and Chinese individuals give more emphasis to their language, but the classes provided by them for foreign students are fully in English language and are conducted separately.

The only difference which could be found out between both the countries for MBBS study is their course duration: MBBS duration in Russia is around 6 years which excludes 1 year of internship which can be completed in India or Russia. However, in China,the total duration of this course is same as in India i.e. 4 years with 1 year of internship, which can be done anywhere either in India or China. So, it can be concluded that if the students wants to graduate early with MBBS degree, then to save time and money, they might prefer Chinese Universities.


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