In India, every year countless aspirants appear for various engineering and medical entrance tests to become engineers or doctors. But not all are able to get admitted to good quality engineering or medical colleges. Although engineering seats have increased considerably over the years, this is not the case with MBBS due to following facts:

  • Approximately 50,000 MBBS seats available all over in India whereas every year around 10 lakh students appear in various All India and state level entrance tests.
  • This means, annually only 5% of the students seeking to become a doctor will attain their ambition.
  • There are a total of 335 medical colleges in India out of which 180 (approx.) are private institutions and 155 (approx.) are government-run institutes.
  • Most of the private institutes have a capitation fee ranging from 15 to 20 lakhs with an annual fee of 4 to 5 lakhs. For any middle-class family, even if the student secures a seat through entrance tests, MBBS still remains a forbidden fruit due to the exorbitant fee structure of the private institutes.

However, one should not lose hope at this stage and try again to clear the exams. Also, there is another option of studying medicine that does not require any entrance examination but is certified and legitimate degree curriculum. This is pursuing Medical Study in Russia. Russia has always been ahead in the field of education, specifically in medicine. So instead of paying a huge amount as the capitation fees in India, aspirants can choose a good reputed University in Russia.Russian study is easy, cheap and flexible. No donations are to be paid and admission process for MBBS is also trouble-free in Russian universities. Perhaps, it has one of the best education systems in the world exceeding the literacy rate of 95%as compared to other Western European countries. Among 100 top world ranking colleges, about thirty positions are occupied by the Russian Medical Universities in World Ranking. Being approved in the majority of countries, the Russian Medical College gives the chance to the scholars to reassess in Russia and to carry out their internship in their homeland. Students will simply have to select the medical course in Russian schools and colleges and chase them to enhance their future career scenario.

Besides, the study of Indian students at Russian state universities is supported financially by the Russian government by 50%. Therefore there are no separate scholarships or grants available from individual universities. The aspirants pay for their tuition fees 50% of actual cost of education. Precisely, it can be obscured that average annual expenses of a student for tuition, accommodation, insurance and meals in Russia amount to 4500-5500 US $.  Furthermore, the Russian government offers such a viable environment for thousands of foreign students to get qualified in Russian higher education at reasonable prices in more than 200 medical colleges. That is why higher education in Russia is affordable for numerous young people of the world.

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