Pskov State Medical University, Russia

Pskov State Medical University, Russia

University at a Glance
Founded in: 1932
Address: Ulitsa Lenina, 8, Pskov, Pskovskaya Oblast’, Russia, 180000
Number of Students: over 10,000 (around 850 foreign students)
Recognized by: Ministry of Health, Russian Federation, WHO, MCI
Academic Year Begins: 1st September
The Language of Instruction: English
Scholarships: Available
University Campus: Well-developed infrastructure with 22 educational buildings, 12 student dormitories, a student house, a pool, and a medical and rehabilitation centre
Educational Programs 179
Number of Departments: 56
Teaching Staff: 617
Library: Available
Food: University mess available
Nearest airport: Pskov Airport in Pskov Oblast, Russia


Pskov State University is a centre of educational, cultural and scientific learning and the only subject of the Russian Federation bordering 3 states (Estonia, Latvia and Belarus). Actively maintaining the global educational standards, the university aims to bring together international students and teachers for quality education and research purpose. Pskov State University has 66 cooperation agreements with foreign universities from 22 countries. Using innovative training methods for modern scientific research, along with highly professional staff, the university takes a rightful place in the European family of classical universities.

Pskov State Medical University Fee Structure:

Pskov State Medical University, Russia
Founded in 1932
No. of International Students 850
No. of Teaching Staff 617
Recognised by MCI, WHO, UNESCO
University Campus Pskov
Library Yes
Food Options Yes
  Tuition Fee Hostel  Total
First Year $6,400 $700 $7,100
Second Year $3,000 $700 $3,700
Third Year $3,000 $700 $3,700
Forth Year $3,000 $700 $3,700
Fifth Year $3,000 $700 $3,700
Sixth Year $3,000 $700 $3,700
Total Fees in USD  –  – $25,600
 Total Expense for 6 year  –  – Rs. 16,64,500/-


Pskov State University consists of 16 faculties, which include chairs, research laboratories, research and education centres. Also, there are four inter-faculty chairs.
The teaching staffs of the university give top priority to the quality of education provided to the students. Modern, as well as innovative approaches, are used for teaching and research activities. The medical faculty of Pskov State University, that has European quality of medical education, offers graduation and a doctoral programme. Every year, students from around the globe enrolled in the medical department for medicine program. The medical faculty has several renowned professors and dedicated medical technologist to coordinate with and guide the students. The medical faculty of Pskov State University makes sure to co-relate between the subjects learnt in the class and the practical sessions done in the clinics.

Medicine Program:

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Duration of course: 5 years + 1-year internship

The Form of Studies: full-time

Campus Life:

The campus life of Pskov State University is quite vibrant and enthralling. Along with comfortable accommodations, the university has captivating sports facilities. There are several cultural clubs, dance classes, and other organizations, giving students opportunities to explore their talent through activities. Sports infrastructure of Pskov State University includes 9 gyms, an open-air stadium, 3 skiing lodges, a shooting gallery, and a swimming pool with a gym.


Pskov State University has 12 comfortable dormitories designed to accommodate more than 3,000 students. Hostels have 24×7 security services along with medical and rehabilitation centre for students and employees.

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