Qiqihar Medical University, China

University’s Quick Glimpse

Established in: 1946

Address: No.333, Bukui Street, Jianhua District, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, China, 161006

The medium of Study: English and Chinese

Acknowledged by: World Health Organization, Medical Council of India

Number of Students: over 15,000

Academic Staff: around 3,453

University Campus: 8 schools, 6 affiliated hospitals, 25 teaching hospitals and 4 practice-based schools

Total Area: about 986,000 sq. meters

Library: a collection of 800,000 volumes of books and provides CD-ROM Retrieval System and Electronic Reading Section. 3 Journals are sponsored by the University.

Food: mess facility available

Weather: average annual temperature is +3.5 °C; average annual rainfall is 428 mm

Nearest Airport: Qiqihar Sanjiazi Airport in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, China

Tuition Fee: 168,000 Rupees per year (approx.)

Application Deadline: 30th October

Admission Procedure: Direct (No Entrance examination)


Qiqihar Medical University is considered as one of the most prominent universities of the Qiqihar area. The university has been providing quality education to the local students as well as to the students from other parts of the country and of the world. The university has been widely appreciated for its medical education, medical research, and study in the province. Qiqihar Medical University successfully maintains inter-university relationships, co-operation and exchange functions, as well as sustains cordial association with many reputed institutions at the global level.


Qiqihar Medical University governs 8 faculties and schools. The university has around 6 affiliated hospitals, established about 25 practice and teaching hospitals, and also has practice bases and 4 schools for practising as well. Presently, the university comprises a staff of 3,489 including 856 professors as well as associate professors and more than 66.8% of teachers with master’s degrees.

The undergraduate education program at Qiqihar Medical University includes 25 specialities and disciplinary orientations covering 5 disciplines: medicine, science, engineering, law and managing. The University possesses 26 research institutes and academic associations which consist of- the Post-doctoral Research Workstations, the Research and Development Lab and the Key Constructing Lab of Provincial Universities. Within the past 5 years, the University has undertaken 458 scientific research projects at different levels.

Medicine Program:

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Duration of course: 5 years +1 year internship


Fee Structure:

1st year: 323,400 Rupees (approx.)

2nd-5th year: 210,000 Rupees per year (approx.)

Total Fee: 1,163,400 Rupees for 5 years (approx.)


International Collaborations:

Qiqihar Medical University has consistently emphasized on exchange and co-operation by encouraging cordial relationships with many universities nationally, regionally and internationally. Some of these collaborations include- Union Medical University, Kanazawa Medical University of Japan, Russia Chita State Medical College, Our Lady of Fatima University of the Philippines, Emilio Aguinaldo College of the Philippines, University of Cape Town and Assumption University of Thailand and many more. Also, the university has recruited foreign teachers and enrolled international students, some of whom are from South Asia. Qiqihar Medical University has been successfully sending teachers and students to the Philippines for further study.


Campus Life and Accommodation:

At Qiqihar Medical University, international students are provided with standard rooms which include several facilities such as- a telephone, a television, a bathroom, a water- heater, an air-conditioner and also the internet connection. The university not only has exceptional teaching and educational programs for the medical aspirants but also enhances the cultural and personal development of the students. At Qiqihar Medical University, students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities to ensure that the students are able to maintain an active and co-operative environment that can further enhance their learning experience.

Hostel Charges:

Two Person Room: 61,000 Rupees per year (approx.)

Four Person Room: 30,000 Rupees per year (approx.)

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