Sanaa University | MBBS in Republic of Yemen

Sanaa University Republic of Yemen

Sanaa University was founded in 1970. It served as the first primary university in the Yemen Arab Republic. It is located in Sanaa which is the capital city of Yemen. The school was previously built on the grounds of an old Jewish cemetery. It started out with two faculties which were Faculty of Sharia and Law and Faculty of Education. It had three specialties which were the College of arts, Sciences and Education. The specialties were later developed into three faculties in 1974.

The school was organized into 20 faculties by 2005, with 12 faculties located at the main campus and 8 located at different branches in different parts of the country. Postgraduate studies in the university started in the 1980s. The school aims at enhancing higher education in Yemen.

University at a Glance:

Established: Founded in 1970

University Type: Public University

Number of International Students: 712+

Hostel Type: university Hostel

Climate: Hot summers and Cold winters

Yearly Tuition Fee: S98,766

Eligibility: IELTS

ECFMG Approval: Not Approved 

Last Date to Apply: Not Available

University Introduction:

The university is in partnership with Kuwait University Hospital for medical students. It is accredited by the Ministry of higher education and Scientific research, Yemen. It is a coeducational higher education institution. The school offers programs that lead to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees. 


There are several faculties in the university which include Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Computer and Information Technology, Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, faculty of Science, Faculty of Agriculture, faculty of Law and Legislation, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Languages and Faculty of Publication.

Campus Life:

The school has various centers which include Engineering Consulting Center, Computer Center, Science and Technology Center, Center for Research and Studies on Gender and Development, Water and Environment Center, Center for Academic Development and Quality assurance, Public administration Development Center, Center for Human Rights and Measuring Public Opinion, Center for Political and Strategic Studies and Translation and Language Teaching Center. Other support facilities include a central library and a sports ground.


The university consists of several accommodation buildings which cater to the university staff and students. 

Why Should I Study at Sana’a University Republic of Yemen?

  • The university aims primarily at fulfilling its obligations and responsibilities towards bringing up competent generations who positively contribute to society.



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