Top 5 Private Medical Universities in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, medical schools are known as medical colleges and provide Allopathic as well as Substitute Medicine associated medical education at graduation level. The Medical colleges in Bangladesh are under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh. The medical colleges are affiliated with a public university, based on the particular area, and are required to be acknowledged by a central regulatory authority known as Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. Presently, there are 83 acknowledged medical colleges in Bangladesh, out of which 29 are public and 54 are private medical colleges. The top 5 private medical colleges for studying MBBS in Bangladesh are:

  1. Bangladesh Medical College

Bangladesh Medical College is the first private medical college in Bangladesh. The college is highly reputed and has succeeded to excel with a brilliant academic record in medical training. The college has consistently focused on providing students with quality medical education and research opportunity at affordable fees. The hospital in the college has all the necessary medical facilities. Students are offered outstanding training to become efficient doctors. Also, the college has several academic activities that keep students entertained along with studies.

Total fee: 2,739,000 Rupees for 5 years (approx.)

  1. Jahurul Islam Medical College

Jahurul Islam Medical College is one of the best medical colleges to look forward to in Bangladesh. The college has an adjacent hospital and a nursing training institute. The hospital has been providing medical aids to the rural folk of the area with all the modern medical techniques which are accessible to medical students of the college. The training experience, which students gain at the hospital, helps them to perform efficiently under firm guidance.

Total fee: 2,470,000 Rupees for 5 years (approx.)

  1. Dhaka National Medical College

Dhaka National Medical College is the successor of the prestigious Dhaka National Medical Institute, which was one of the prime organizations that took part in the non-cooperation movement against the British colonial rule. The college successfully carries the name of its predecessor and retains its glorious past. The medical college has elaborate research programs working towards the advancement of medical science.

Total fee: 2,816,000 Rupees for 5 years (approx.)

  1. Community Based Medical College

Community Based Medical College was started as an apex academic enterprise by the Community Health Foundation in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. The college comprises all the modern facilities to support students in the surgical department. The vast syllabus of medicine course focuses on all the important aspects of medical science. The teacher-student forum, formed every year, discusses the progress and development of medical science worldwide.

Total fee: 2,598,000 Rupees for 5 years (approx.)

  1. Ibrahim Medical College

Ibrahim Medical College is a non-profit institution of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh. Named after the legendary medical scientist, professor, and reformer of Bangladesh Lt. Prof. Md. Ibrahim, the college is internationally recognized as one of the best medical colleges that provide advanced and elaborate higher studies and research programs.

Total fee: 2,697,000 Rupees for 5 years (approx.)

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