Travel Arrangements for Students Travelling Abroad

It is absolutely normal to feel anxious while planning to study abroad. It is almost unavoidable and certain to make parents as well the student nervous when they are planning for the education of their child so far away from home. But, has held a record of maintaining hassle-free travel and stay of our students since the time the company was born. We have followed a flawless and systematic routine over the years for our students to travel abroad and here we would like to share it with our future clients to give you a better idea of how we operate. We take into consideration the following steps that have ensured a comfortable and pleasant journey experience because nobody wants to have a dreadful and nervous travel experience while travelling abroad for the first time:

1) Arrival in Delhi :

Once the visa formalities are cleared, students along with two guardians will be needed to arrive at the Delhi head-office. We will be responsible for sponsoring the two-night stay at the local hotel for a total of three people. Here, we would like to make it clear that the stay will be arranged for three or fewer people. Any more visitors apart from three will need to arrange for accommodation on their own.

2) The signing of Contract:

The students will need to visit the head-office for formalities and signing of a written documented contract that will ensure that the student has paid the university fee in the official university account either prior to flying to the college or is carrying the fee amount in cash. Students will need to get a clearance certificate from the accounts department of the consultancy which is needed for immigration clearance in case the student is travelling with cash money. The contract is a two-way street as it ensures the safety of the student in case there might be an open-ended misunderstanding with the consultancy later.

3) Miscellaneous:

You can utilize the other day to see the city and buy other essentials like books, medical instruments, and apron etc or you can chill at the hotel and spend quality time with your family before moving to another place. You might also have a few formalities to be done at the MCI, about which you will be informed in advance if needed.

4) Reaching the Delhi Airport for Departure:

Students will be travelling in groups. So let us suppose that 20 students are travelling to Moscow. There will be a bus arranged at the head-office where all students will gather to leave for the airport after finishing all the formalities with the consultancy. Students will reach the airport along with a travel guide who will be well-versed in the local language students would be travelling to as well as in English. They will board the flight after check-in.

5) Arrival at the Destination:

Upon arrival, students will have another bus arranged at the airport gate which will take them to the hostel where they will have a sim card ready to connect them to their loved ones. You will start with your classes within 7 days of arrival at the university.

Not to mention, we will assist you with all kinds of help all through your medical course to make it as easy for you as possible so that you can concentrate on becoming the best medical professional that you are capable of.

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