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Why do Indian students go to China to study MBBS?

Studying MBBS in China is becoming common among Indian students. This has been made possible by many factors that benefit the students in China. China is one of the countries experiencing an increased intake of international students. They have well-equipped universities, which many of those students stated as the main cause for them seeking their papers in Chinese universities. Getting Bachelor’s in medicine and a Bachelor’s in Surgery comes with its pride, especially from a well-recognized institution. Some of the factors are listed below:

MCI approval

The medical council of India has approved and certified more than 35 medical universities in India to offer MBBS. The approval gives the Indian students the liberty to choose from the many available institutions in China. Once they have finished their study period, it is easy for them to get back to India and get well-paying jobs.

Some Chinese medical universities are internationally recognized to offer the MBBS. International institutions such as UNESCO and WHO approve of the MBBS acquired from these universities. This gives the medical students an upper hand and places them on a competitive international scale. Therefore, they can seek employment from any country globally without going through another rigorous evaluation. This has contributed largely to the Indian students studying MBBS in China.


Most Indian students who study MBBS in China find it easy to get a placement in Chinese medical universities. The aggregate score for most of the universities for the MBBS intake is at 50%, with a few at 75%. This makes it easy for the students as the bar is not set too high. The universities do not have a pre-qualification exam to vet the students, and all one needs is to have the NEET-UG certificate and their mark sheets. The process is easy and less tiresome.

After submitting their application, the students only wait for a maximum of four weeks, and this is not a long duration to wait, and it just gives the students ample time to prepare for their admission. The admission fees are relatively low, and many medical institutions offer MBBS that the students can choose from depending on their budgets.

Learning Facilities

The Chinese universities are well-resourced, and they have modern laboratories and libraries for research. The scientific world is known for its intensive research. The universities in China have invested heavily in research; hence students find it easy and cheap to study there. The tuition fee is subsidized because of the great research resources and advanced quality of education. The quest for quality medical education leads Indian students to go to China to study MBBS.

Besides the research facilities, the students get the attention they need from the lecturers in China. China has many medical practitioners who are well known in the world. Many students want to sit under such bright minds and hopefully learn from their experiences.

Internship and Scholarship opportunities

The MCI approves the Indian students to undertake their one year of interning in China. However, the council restricts internship in other countries hence making China one of the choice countries for MBBS. This helps the students cut down on the costs of relocating back to India to search for internship opportunities.

In addition, the Chinese government has many scholarship opportunities for bright students. The local governments and the central government in China offer these opportunities every year. Other institutions, such as Confucius Institutes, still offer scholarships for international students, and Indian students benefit from such scholarships as easy to apply for and get.


The Chinese lifestyle is affordable to Indian students as compared to other nations. The universities have accommodation facilities that are largely subsidized. The cost of food in China is relatively low for the students to purchase. This has made it possible for Indian students to survive in China while pursuing their MBBS.

Many universities also conduct their lectures in English. This is because they have many international students. Indian students benefit from the diversity of culture in China and do not feel far from home as they meet other students from India and the rest of the world. It is also easy to study in China as the processing of Visa takes a short time, with the maximum taking 15 days. This makes it easy to travel to the country.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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