Will Kyrgyzstan be a good choice for MBBS?

Kyrgyzstan is a good option for aspirants looking forward to studying MBBS abroad. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is cheap and has 7 MCI recognized and WHO listed medical institutions which provide high quality medical education. The affordable fee attracts international students while the quality of education is not compromised when pursuing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

The factors that attract Indian students to choose MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:

  • Admission procedure and VISA application is easy
  • No donation required
  • Several esteemed universities in the country
  • MBBS Degree recognized by WHO, MCI, FAIMER
  • Recognized by International Association of Universities, Medical Council of over 180 countries.
  • Education is of high quality
  • 10 students per class giving individual attention to every student
  • Eligible for government jobs and PG courses in India
  • Educational fees is very low due to government subsidy
  • Living costs is quite affordable along with medical study tuition fees
  • Excellent academic standards
  • Eligible to appear in many of the tests like the USMLE, PLAB
  • Eligible for the screening examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations, India, under the directive of MCI
  • Best exposure at university running hospitals
  • Demand is high and limited seats
  • An international airport is only four hours away, making the place easily accessible

Facilities provided by Universities for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:

  1. Course in English medium
  2. Advance preparation for MCI screening test
  3. MCI coaching given by Indian Professors
  4. The degree is valid in India, Europe, USA, and others parts of world
  5. Most of the universities provide Wi-Fi facility along with hostel facilities
  6. Many universities provide Indian food cooked by Indian cook
  7. 24×7 supply of power, cold and hot water

Campus Life and Accommodation:

The students pursuing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan are given the best facilities in the university campus. The accommodation provided to the students is comfortable and meets European standards. The hostels of Kyrgyzstan medical universities are well secured with 24 hour security system. The rooms of the hostels have all the basic facilities like air conditioning, heating, water supply, hygienic food, and laundry facilities.

While studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, students can entertain themselves with extra-curricular facilities like activity centres in the college campuses which include sports complex, cultural centres, gym and swimming pool. The cost of living for a student in Kyrgyzstan is very low as compared to many other European countries. Travel expense for students in Kyrgyzstan is also very cheap as they get special student discounts to travel across the country.

Cultural Activities:

Students pursuing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan enjoy multi-cultural environment in the campus. Students from all over the world come to Kyrgyzstan to study MBBS and other medical courses. Every year, the medical universities of Kyrgyzstan organize various cultural festivals in which the students from different countries and cultural backgrounds actively participate. These events are helpful in making students understand different cultures and make diverse friends.

Indian Students studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:

Over 4,500 Indian students are pursuing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan presently. One of the cheapest medical universities in Asia is located in Kyrgyzstan. But not all the universities are suggested for Indian students because of the low quality of education in certain universities. In the city of Bishkek, there are about 1,000 Indian students studying medicine program in 3 MBBS universities. Just around 30 minutes away, in a city called Kant, there are approximately 700 students at Asian Medical Institute. Surely, Indian medical aspirants consider MBBS in Kyrgyzstan as a promising option.

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