MBBS in Russia vs. MBBS in India

A Precise Comparison Between MBBS in Russia vs. MBBS in India

One of the most well-known traditional medical systems in the world is that of India. In India, medical science has advanced tremendously during the past Century. The capability of contemporary science has improved as the overall mortality rate has reduced and life expectancy has increased. Moreover, the demand to study MBBS in India has risen considerably.

However, comparatively speaking, there are some factors that influence students’ decisions to pursue an MBBS degree overseas rather than in India. The following article will compare MBBS in Russia vs. MBBS in India and will give you a reality check.

India and Russia, the Frontier Nations in MBBS Study

India has a diversified economy and a wide range of cultural practices. The Indian educational system is excellent and securely organized. Many international medical students arrived in India to study medicine at the same time when Harvard or Cambridge University was being discussed.

Russia is the top destination for medical students looking to pursue their MBBS and careers as doctors overseas. Russia is quite proud of the caliber of its higher education system. There are 300 renowned universities in Central Asia and developing Europe. For its educational system, Russian universities are rated 26th in the world.

Growing Demand for Studying MBBS Among Indian Students

Health for All in the 21st Century, a new global health strategy adopted by WHO in 1998, aims to achieve health security, health fairness, an increase in healthy life expectancy, and universal access to necessary, high-quality healthcare. This improves Indian students’ desire to study MBBS.

Each year, around 18,70,000 candidates apply to take the NEET exam, leaving 77,000–80,000 places open in total. In India, around 50,000 MBBS seats are available countrywide, yet every year, 10 lakh applicants take the all-India and state-level entrance tests.

Indian Medical Institutions Lack to Meet the Demand the Availability of the Seats

The above stats suggested that just 5%–15% of students pursuing a career in medicine will be successful each year. Currently, India has 335 medical colleges, 154 government-run and 181 privately run. Of the 45000 available places, more than 6 lakh students enroll in medical universities each year. Only the luckiest of individuals will get the opportunity to enroll in one of India’s top medical institutions.

High Tuition Fees to Study MBBS Remains a Forbidden Fruit for Any Middle-class Family

Each year, hundreds of students wish to pursue medical studies. At the same time, they are becoming difficult due to the cost and quality of medical education. The lack of seats and the entrance standards prevent many students from enrolling in government colleges, notwithstanding their desire. Furthermore, due to the private colleges’ expensive tuition fees, MBBS remains an outlawed desire for any middle-class household despite the student securing a position through entrance examinations. 

Russia Emerges to Be a Hope For Indian Students to Study MBBS

Now the whole world is a village. The cost-effectiveness of studying MBBS overseas for Indian students has altered dramatically in recent years. According to the data, 4,00,000 of the 7,50,000 students who go abroad to study medicine chose Russia over other nations. The tendency is expected to get considerably higher in the future. Aspirants who want to become doctors can now study MBBS abroad, particularly in Russia, for a meager tuition cost

Let Us Have a Program Overview of Obtaining MBBS in Russia

Let us have course highlights for Indian students who want to study MBBS in Russia. It will undoubtedly clear the scenarios.

Name of the Course




Duration of the Course

6 Years Include Internship

Medium of Teaching


Basic Eligibility Criteria

1. Minimum 50% in 10+2 Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Examinations.

2. NEET Qualified.

3. No requirements for IELTS and TOEFL

A Detail Comparison to Study MBBS in Russia vs. MBBS in India

In Russia, the degree awarded upon completing the medical program is known as the M.D. In India, it is known as the MBBS degree.

In Russian universities, practical knowledge for medical studies is prioritized above theoretical knowledge, which is the primary focus in universities in India.

In terms of length, the MBBS program lasts 5.8 years in Russia and five years in India.

If we compare the absolute number of medical students at Russian universities, it is between 25 and 30; in India, it is between 100 and 120, or even more.

Russian universities provide fewer exams, whereas Indian medical universities offer longer courses with more exams.

Every student cannot enroll in a medical program in the United Kingdom or the United States. Therefore candidates search for alternatives in nations like Russia, China, Ukraine, or any other less costly nation.

Study programs in Russia and India are virtually the same. However, the durations differ. Both Russia and India teach 19 different topics.

Russian universities need 6 years Including Internship to finish their curriculum, but Indian universities need 5.5 years Including Internship.

There is no final examination option available. The class exam and summation will be the basis for students’ overall results.

Useful Benefits from the Above Comparison of Pursuing an MBBS in Russia

There are numerous advantages to studying MBBS in Russia. We offer information for any eager Indian students seeking specific reasons why they should study medicine in Russia. The following are some incredible benefits that you cannot ignore:

  1. Simple, uncomplicated, and trouble-free admissions process.
  2. No admission exam is other than a qualifying NEET score.
  3. Low and subsidized MBBS tuition.
  4. Incredible level of life in Europe.
  5. Since Russian medical institutes grant degrees recognized worldwide, graduates who get their MBBS from these institutions are qualified to practice medicine in any nation.
  6. 100% guarantee on visas.
  7. The government accredits all medical schools in Russia.

Cost of Studying MBBS in Russia Plays the Key Role

There is hardly any doubt that studying MBBS in Russia is far less expensive and accessible than MBBS in India or other western countries.

Russia is the best choice for Indian students seeking to study MBBS abroad on a tight budget. More and more Indian students are traveling to Russia to study MBBS there as the bulk of Russian medical institutes have begun providing 6-year MBBS programs in English. Most Russian medical colleges ask students to pay their course fees per semester rather than for the six-year MBBS program. At all medical universities, the average cost of an MBBS course per semester ranges from INR 2,60,520 to 6,56,000. When the hostel charge is added, the total cost is often between 18,88,000 and 35,85,800 rubles.

Russia May Be a Better Option For Indian Students to Study MBBS Than in India

Why MBBS in Russia is always a better option than MBBS in India may be seen in the comparison that follows

MBBS in Russia

  1. Compared to other nations, including India, Russia has a lower cost for MBBS.
  2. No donation is necessary.
  3. There is no other admission exam necessary.
  4. The MBBS program lasts 6 years Include Internship in total.
  5. The given degree is a medical doctorate.

MBBS in India

  1. In India, getting an MBBS is expensive.
  2. A substantial sum of money was spent on paying the donation.
  3. Most medical schools in India require entrance tests to take an admission exam.
  4. In India, the MBBS program lasts five years.a
  5. The degree awarded is an MBBS in medicine.

Considering all the above aspects, the best alternative for Indian students is to study medicine in Russia

Russian Scholarships, a Feather in the Cap for Indian Students

Indian students pursuing their MBBS frequently prefer to study in Russia. The country’s universities provide scholarships to international students, which is a massive benefit for Indian students who want to study for an MBBS degree overseas, particularly in Russia. Here is a listing of available MBBS scholarships in Russia for students from India:

  1. The Government of Russian Federation Scholarship: These are state-level awards given to students who wish to study medicine in Russia. The scholarship will pay for their tuition, housing expenses, and a maintenance stipend of between 1300 and 1500 rubles.
  2. William A. Gilman Scholarship: It is available to international students choosing to study MBBS in Russia.
  3. Medical Educational Funds: International students with vital academic records can apply for educational grants from Russian Medical Colleges.

Top Universities to Study MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

The MBBS in Russian Universities for Indian Students program offers top-notch instruction from highly qualified teachers. Since you are choosing an MBBS program taught in English, applicants are not required to complete the one-year preparation course in the Universities of Russia. The six-year Russian MBBS program includes clinical training. The candidate will complete a 6-year program that includes ten semesters of physical training and six semesters of Russian language studies.

Kursk State Medical University, Russia

The Kursk State Medical University is a 1935-founded medical institution in western Russia. It received university status in 1994. The International Medical Institute was founded in 2020. The institute is a brand-new department at KSMU.


Students have to qualify for the NEET examination

Fee Structure

Approximately 27.3 Lacs Indian Rupees for 6 years of the full course, including hostel fees.




WHO, NMC, The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


1.Students have access to fully equipped dorms. 

2.Every room on campus has access to hot water. 

3.The campus will have Wifi available to students around the clock. 

4.Students who wish to prepare meals can do so in a communal kitchen. The hostel is constantly monitored with CCTV.


Far Eastern Medical University, Russia

Far Eastern Medical University is a university in the Russian region of Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok. By special command of Tsar Nicholas II, the University was founded in 1899 during the Russian Empire era as the Eastern Institute as a higher education institution focusing on oriental studies and training for industrial, commercial, and government organizations in the Far East.


Students have to qualify for the NEET examination

Fee Structure

Approximately 25.00 Lacs Indian Rupees for 6 years of the full course, including hostel fees


Russian State Medical University and Ministry of Education, Russia




1.There are separate wings for boys and girls, and the rooms are entirely equipped—with a central heating system. 

2.Air-conditioned lodgings Indian food is vegetarian. 

3.Security wardens and security guards who work full-time. 

Kazan Federal University, Russia

Kazan Federal University, the most prominent institution in Russia, was established as Imperial Kazan University in 1804. The University, the second-largest University in Russia, is well-known among Indian and international students for its top-notch facilities and cutting-edge teaching methods. 

In recent years, the University has established 80 top-notch research and teaching laboratories and 17 centers of excellence. The Imperial Kazan University’s rector was the Astronomer Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky.


Students have to qualify for the NEET examination

Fee Structure

Approximately 35.4 Lacs Indian Rupees for 6 years of the full course, including hostel fees




WHO, MCI, The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


1.There are a lot of Indian students at this university. 

2. The dormitories of Kazan Federal University are self-contained and prepared. 

3. They are well-constructed and well-equipped.


With more than 57 medical schools accredited by the National Medical Council (NMC) and WDOMS listed, Russia is quickly rising to the top of the list of preferred countries for aspirant Indian students looking to study MBBS abroad at a reasonable price.

The teaching methodologies at Russian institutions will have a good effect on your career as a doctor. Among the few nations where an MBBS degree is available at a reasonable price in Russia. Service providers like mbbsdirect.com offer comprehensive assistance regarding MBBS in Russia vs. MBBS in India for your bright future in the field of medical education.

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