Introduction to The NEXT Exam

National Exit Test is one of many conducted exams that the MBBS students in their final year have to take to get a legit license and start their practice. It is a national-level exam. This exam also acts as the replacement exam for the NEET PG and Foreign Graduate Medical Examination. This exam has not been affected in the country yet. The government is planning to host this examination from 2022 for the very first time.

The NEXT Exam Becoming a medical practitioner in India

In a world where people look for shortcuts to achieve their goal, in this very doctoral world, certain dishonest individuals opt for malpractice methods and try to attain a fake license to get started with their practice. That is why the government has introduced the NEXT exam in the country. 

This exam is for all doctoral students who are in their final year of MBBS Abroad exams. Therefore, if you are planning to start your doctoral practice, then having basic knowledge about this exam is indeed necessary.


This examination is conducted in an online mode. The motive of conducting this examination is for the students who are willing to get admission to their respective PG courses after completing their MBBS degree. 

The exam will last for three days. On the first day, the exam will be about medicine. On the second day, the exam will be about surgery, and on the last day, the exam will be about Obstetrics and Gynecology.


This examination is conducted in practice mode. The motive of the examination is to help the deserving doctoral students who are planning to get a license for their future practice as a doctor. To take this examination, the students must complete their respective MBBS as well as internship program. 

In terms of the internship, it will last for about three years after the candidate has completed the NEXT 1 Exam. Since the NEXT 2 Exam is practical, it will be generally tested on the candidate’s subject in the correspondence internship program.

Eligibility for NEXT Exam

The following are the eligibility criteria that the student has to meet before applying for the examination.

  •  For the NEXT 2 exam, the candidate must complete their MBBS course and get the practice certificate. The candidate is obligated to complete the NEXT 1 exam. Thus to take this NEXT 2 exam, the candidate has to complete the internship after the MBBS final, where the internship will last for three years.
  • To take admission in the PG course, the candidate only has to give the NEXT 1 exam. Thus, for taking this test, the candidate has to be a student of MBBS final year.
  • Candidates must have scored 50 percent at the least in their MBBS.
  • Candidates appearing for the exam should be between 21 to 30 years of age to take the NEXT 1 Exam.
  • No age limit is there for NEXT 2 Exam


NEXT 1:- 

This paper will be theory, and there will be multiple choice questions or MCQs for the very theory part. As soon as the students qualify for the NEXT 1 exam, they will have to prepare for their internship. The students must pass the NEXT 2 exam and the NEXT 1 exam just after the clinical rotation.


As soon as the students are done with their internship, the NEXT-1 score will help them attain a PG seat. Thus, marks scored in the NEXT-2 exam will play no role in obtaining a seat in the PG Course. 

Thus, it can be said that the NEXT-1 exam is not only a qualifying exam but also a competitive exam. To pass the NEXT exam, the students will be given unlimited chances. 


The NEXT exam hence will be conducted in the upcoming years. Thus, the marks scored in the NEXT exam will be utilized for all the qualifying final MBBS exams so that the deserving candidates can get the license and start practicing their medicine in India. 


Thus, this is everything that is there to learn about the NEXT examination. Now that we have all the required knowledge to appear with the examination, you are ill all set to prepare and give the examination.

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