MBBS in Uzbekistan – Fee Structure of Top Medical Universities in Uzbekistan

Minimum University Expense Rs. 16.50 Lakh for 6 Years, NEET Qualification Mandatory,
Admission Closes before 15 June in most Universities.
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Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Uzbekistan 2020

NEET Qualification NEET Scorecard showing that the student has qualified for the NEET examination.
Age Min age should be 17 years on 31st December 2020.
Eligibility Min 60% in PCB in 12th Class


Have you been contemplating the best university for studying MBBS? Then you just arrived at the right platform. So many universities offer student MBBS courses, but have you heard of MBBS courses in Uzbekistan? If not, then this post is for you!

Consistently scholars offer preference to the nations abroad and therapeutic colleges for MBBS in Uzbekistan. There are different reasons in which a scholar gives a general lean toward studying abroad. This is because they know it is a superior decision just as a choice. If you travel abroad for this, you will see high-quality training, learning diagnostics, treating local pathology, as well as different factors like strict opportunity, law safeguard, a great atmosphere that tempt Indian students to consider abroad.

Everything about the university you need to know!

Tashkent Medical University- Tashkent, Uzbekistan Tashkent Restorative College- Knowing everything about the school will help you a lot! Here are some fundamental realities about Uzbekistan’s university before you go for the MBBS-

  • They require 29,559,100 participants as their complete number of the populace.
  • It was a past piece of the Soviet Union.
  • It is for the significant part known for its mining of gold.
  • Its currency is in Som.
  • It is made out of 447,400 square km of room.
  • The Government is a Presidential republic.

What are the benefits of studying MBBS from Uzbekistan?

Yes, there are many things to benefit from. Below are a few of them;

  • No payment of a donation
  • Affordable study fees
  • WHO, MCI identified medical university
  • 100% visa guarantee
  • Low cost of living
  • Available India meals in the college canteens
  • Properly equipped hospitals and tertiary care centers
  • Facilities for sports and academics
  • Comfortable hostel apartments
  • English medium MBBS course in Uzbekistan
  • High-quality learning

Reasons why you should study MBBS in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan can fit this bill for you, requiring a complex and novel condition to examination. Some correct open doors are accessible for you to investigate their advanced education. Schools and the public are confined because of a police state, which the nation is presently in. Transportation with interchanges is a part of the significant and present day comforts you will run over in Uzbekistan. A few students there are grateful for the distinction in culture and history they discovered there. You will soon be part of them! The reasons are listed below;

  • Feasibly priced study
  • Seat availability
  • Degree recognition
  • You will be trained in MCI screening test for registration in India
  • Course languages
  • Accommodation
  • Food

They will always be enough money for students to buy food and other needs.

Education costs for MBBS in Uzbekistan

Education costs contrast in Uzbekistan, and expenses are $ 3100 to 3500 each year. Students who intend to think about MBBS in Uzbekistan might be fit for a substitute visa. Participants must enlist an official articulation with the Uzbekistan international safe place within three days of entering the nation. You might be asked for money related status for accommodated before you leave for the nation after competing. Uzbekistan is one of only a handful couple of Russian nations, which also requests the leave visa.

Things you need for free entry into Uzbekistan

Things you should ensure for perfect entry is age, English language, Mathematics, instructive foundation, and diverse necessities.

Hopefully you can get your MBBS in Uzbekistan affirmation subtleties through us. Register yourself now and book your seats for the scholarly year 2019-2020.

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