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We at mbbsdirect.com are one of the youngest in the industry and the best record holders since we started.

mbbsdirect.com offers comprehensive counseling and well-researched assistance for your bright future in the field of medical education.  mbbsdirect.com has more than 50 centers across the subcontinent and every center follows a uniformly structured way to give away outstanding results that ensure a satisfactory experience for our clients. Our staff is well-versed and qualified to assist you in choosing the best you deserve.

At mbbsdirect.com, one of the most trusted names in India for MBBS from abroad, we help shape your career and dreams. Founded in 2014, mbbsdirect.com has been continuously trying to bridge the information gap on medical education from abroad. We have made sure to reach the smaller towns and provide guidance and support for medical education from abroad. Now, when we look back to services provided by us in the past years, it makes us proud to say that we have guided students to go abroad to pursue their dream of becoming medical professionals at the right time and in the right way. We have created an entire procedure by putting in sincere hard work to provide the best assistance for joining medical institutions abroad.

mbbsdirect began as a counseling and consulting service in 2014, and since its inception, we have produced excellent results. Some of the top universities across countries like China and Russia have our bright medical aspirants gaining medical education to become professionals who are well versed in medicine. Some of the universities we send our students to include Kazan Federal University and Altai State Medical University in Russia, Beihua Medical University and Nanjing Medical University in China, Asian Medical Institute, and Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University in Kyrgyzstan, etc. These institutions are accredited globally and are best in class.

Our Objectives

Our commitment is to find quicker, hassle-free, and cost-effective ways for students applying for MBBS abroad. Our efforts are to make sure that students can easily make the right choice while planning their studies abroad.

Using informative and communicative methods, we give our personal touch to advice and responses to all the queries of the student; therefore, a better understanding of the application process.

Honesty, clarity, and dedication are the pillar of our success, and sustaining integrity, through each step, is the topmost priority of our team.

Our reliable, well-informed, and well-experienced team excels in guiding students throughout the admission process while focusing on the student’s preferences. Student satisfaction is a must for MBBSDIRECT.


Our Mission

With a vast presence on the map, mbbsdirect.com is India’s leading study abroad company for medical education. We take it upon ourselves to ensure the delivery of the best assistance to maintain our reputation of personalized help for your career. The salient features of our services include:

Personalized Assistance:

With more than 25 universities under our contracts, we have a range of options for our students to choose from which may vary from best-in-the-world medical institutions to budget-friendly and best-in-class colleges for fulfilling your dream of becoming a medical professional.

Excellent Instruction:

We are only a call away from any kind of help you might need throughout the process of getting admitted. We practice and ensure a safe departure from India and arrival at the hostel of medical institutions by providing a mentor who knows English and the local language of the place students are traveling to, thus making sure that students travel comfortably and without any kind of hassle throughout the journey.

Resources and Infrastructure:

We also provide residential accommodation at places where universities do not have hostel services along with Indian food.

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Top Universities | FEE Structure

Top Universities | FEE Structure

Top Universities | FEE Structure

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