Becoming a medical practitioner in Canada: MCCQE"

Canada, just like any other country, follows a series of steps and allows deserving candidates to become licensed doctors in the country. The examination they hold for awarding licenses to such qualifying candidates is known as MCCQE. It is a common assessment test that is used to figure out the candidate’s basic medical knowledge in medicine only. 

Furthermore, another motive of hosting this examination is to find out the knowledge of candidates who have recently graduated from a medical degree college and are about to start their first yet supervised postgraduate training practice

Application procedure

To apply for the examination, the candidates need to open an account at physicianapply.ca. Either that or the candidate can log in to their existing account if they have that. 

To get started with the application, the candidate needs to select ‘examinations’ and then ‘apply for an exam.’ After that, the candidate needs to follow the instructions and submit the payment for a successful registration.

As soon as the application is accepted, candidates will have one year in their hands to give the MCCQE examination at the convenient and available parametric test center. Either that or the examination can also be taken through remote proctoring on a very first-come, first-serve basis.

Eligibility for MCCQE

The following are the eligibility requirements that a candidate must meet to appear for the examination:

  • The candidate must be legally accredited by those on the Accreditation of the Canadian Medical Schools or even the Liaison Committee on Medical Education 
  • A Canadian sponsor note must identify the candidate in the world Directory of Medical Schools or 
  • The candidate must be accredited as a U.S school of Osteopathic Medicine 
  • The candidate can only attempt four times for the examination 
  • If the candidate is a student, then they can apply for up to 15 months before the graduation date that they are accepting.
  • If the candidate is a graduate, the correspondence medical degree or diploma must be either in the continuous progress of source verification or successfully sourcing verified.

Paper pattern

In terms of the paper pattern, there are multiple-choice questions and clinical decision-making where the candidate will be given both the MCQ and CDM components. 

In the first paper, there will be a total number of 240 MCQs. On the other hand, in the CDM, there will be around 38 cases consisting of around 65-75 questions. 

Receiving MCCQE part 1 results 

As soon as the session end, the committee will take up to nine weeks to declare the results. The result of the examination is attended by the Medical Council of Canada and Exam Oversight Committee. The candidates will receive the details at the registered email address.

After receiving the message, the following documents will be uploaded to the account of the candidate:

  • The Statement of results will include both the final result and the total marks scored in the MCCQE Part 1.
  • The Supplement Information Report will provide additional feedback concerning the performance of the candidate. 
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