Becoming a medical practitioner in Germany: TMS

Germany offers several opportunities for students who are planning to study abroad as it provides low-cost study costs. Germany holds a state exam for its students for medical. The name of the examination is TMS.

The training programs of the country are not divided into bachelor’s and masters. Here the medical training takes up to six years to complete, and the conduction takes place entirely in German, which means a strong knowledge about the language is mandatory.

Applying to study medicine in Germany

The process of admission casually varies from University to University. Just in case, if a candidate has received the respective university entrance qualification from any German School or from outside of the EU, then they should apply through the foundation so that they can get admission into higher education. Likewise, the same can be done with other disciplines of medicine such as veterinary medicine, dentistry, and medicine. 

Eligibility for TMC

The following are the eligibility that the student shall meet before applying for the examination:

  • Candidates must either show their university entrance qualification or their secondary school leaving certificate. 
  • If the candidate is from the EU, the leaving certificate will be equivalent to a German certificate.
  • The candidate must have a good and refined knowledge of biology, physics, and chemistry.
  • Candidates must have a strong knowledge of English so that they can understand specialist literature.
  • All the non-EU students will be asked for a resident visa along with a student permit.

Introduction to TMS

TMS is known as the Test for Medical studies conducted to analyze the scientific and medical skills of the students. Given that this is not considered a mandatory test, numerous universities use the TMS score for admitting students to their university. The test takes place in the German language.

Paper pattern

In the paper pattern, there are usually three sections, and they are as follows:

  • The first section contains numerous divisions of questions that are concerned with the basic knowledge of the subject. The motive of this section is to figure out the ability of the student.
  • The second section is somewhat the same, but it generally focuses on the reading comprehension part more.
  • The third section is the last section that the university earned with what the candidate has retained. 

Process of licensing 

As soon as the candidate has passed their state examination, they will be provided with their medical license. Thus, they can begin working as a doctor. The medical license that the candidate has acquired will be valid all across Germany. If the student is somewhere outside of the EU, they can apply to extend their resident permit. They can do so by extending it up to 18 months to find any work remotely related to their study. 


Thus, now that you have all the information needed to be familiarized before applying for the examination, you are all set to apply and prepare for the examination

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