Becoming a medical practitioner in the UK; PLAB Test

It is necessary to have enough amount of knowledge before applying for the medical examination in the UK. Practicing medicine in the UK will require a valid registration because, with a license, an MBBS degree student will be able to prescribe medication and treat the patients. As in any other country, doctors who do not have a valid license and practice medicine are declared as someone who has committed a criminal offense. In terms of General Practitioner, it is necessary to become three successive years of specialty training. 

Eligibility for PLAB

The following are the eligibility that the candidate needs to meet to apply for the examination-

  • The candidate needs to generate a GMC online account
  • The candidate needs to have a medical qualification and knowledge of English

If the individual meets the above requirements, the candidate will be eligible to appear for part 1 of the PLAB test. 

Introduction to PLAB test

PLAB test is taken by the candidates who have graduated from a medical school from any country but the UK. The motive of conducting this PLAB test is to analyze whether or not an individual who has pursued the doctorate can start the second year of the respective foundation program training in the UK.

Paper Pattern

The Paper pattern involves two parts in the test. In Part 1, there is a written multiple-choice exam that has 180 single best answer questions. Part 2 is the practical objective that has a structured clinical exam that is also known as OSCE. Before applying for the registration that contains a license to practice medicine in the UK, the candidate must pass the exam. 

  • PLAB part 1

This is a written examination that has 180 multiple choice questions that should be answered in a quick span of three hours. Each question starts with a short scenario containing a question. 

  • PLAB part 2

This is a structured clinical exam. The exam comes with an objective type. There are a total number of 18 scenarios. Each question shall be given no more than eight minutes. The tests of Part 2 run are conducted throughout the year at the clinical assessment center. 

As soon as the candidates have passed both the parts, they can successfully apply for the registration for the license to practice. It is mandatory for the candidates that the application shall be approved within two years of passing that part 2 of the test. As soon as the application is approved and the candidate gains registration, they can successfully work as a doctor in the UK. 

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