American Board of Emergency Medicine

American Board of Emergency Medicine (ACEP) offer certifications to the trained medical professional to enhance their medical knowledge. In the year 1960 to deal with emergencies, the US build a new organization known as University Association for Emergency Medical Services (UA/EMS) and ACEP. ACEP, later on, developed the committee known as Committee on Board Establishment (COBE).


University at Glance

Established: Founded in the year 1960

University Type: Public University

Number of International Students: Not Available

Hostel Type: No

Climate:  Continental Climate with Cold Winters

Yearly Tuition Fee: $600 (Registration Fee) + $1,525 (Oral Fee) + $1,300 (Examination Fee) + Not Available (Hostel fee)

Eligibility: 24 months of residency training + Education and adequate operative experience

ECFMG Approval: Approved

Last Date to Apply: Not Available 


University Introduction:

American Board of Emergency Medicine is out of 24 American board for certifications. The board is affiliated with the American Board of Medical Specialties. It is also recognized by the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization. The board is also approved by AMA Council on Medical Education. The corporation used to conduct pen and paper-based written certification test. However, now computer-delivered examinations can also be taken by medical scholars. 



This corporation offers certification in Emergency Medicine that offers immediate decision-making methodologies and action necessary while dealing with emergencies. The institution offers multiple certifications such as Emergency Medical Services, Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine-Critical Care Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Medicine Medical Toxicology, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Sports Medicine, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine and Neurocritical Care, Pain Medicine.


Campus Life

American Board of Emergency Medicine offers multiple certifications to the medical professional for performing procedures during the various situations such as Critical Care Medicine diagnoses, Emergency Medical Services, life-saving procedures, social and spiritual needs, multiple organ dysfunction, biological and radiological agents, acute drug poisoning, comprehensive multi-system care, pain related to cancer, diagnosing and treating injuries and prevent disease and disability.



The institution does not offer hostel service however there are numerous rental rooms are available near the campus. Rooms are embellished for comfortable living with all basic requirements like the chair, table, internet facility, bedding, hot and cold water supply with attached washrooms. The hostel has a separate reading hall and a sports complex with various sports like football, cricket, basketball, and volleyball. The cafeteria and a mess room are hygienic and well furnished with proper seating arrangements.


Why Should I Study at the American Board of Emergency Medicine?

  • High-class training and assessment
  • Affordable fees
  • Research laboratories 
  • Classrooms with models and computers for practical knowledge 
  • Recognized internationally
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