Abhishek Kumar Mishra (Sr. Counsellor & Students Affairs Manager)

With over 8 years of experience in counselling, management, foreign tourism, growth analysis, operations, and decision analysis, Abhishek has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand the need of a student for career growth and craft the most suitable solutions.

Swetha Harilal (Academic Writer)

Swetha has been a part of our company for over a year now. She primarily provides academic writing, detailed research, and editing services. Her strong academic background as a research scholar and literature enthusiast has given her a broad base from which to approach many educational as well as fresh topics. She is passionate about writing and reading. Her skills may be confirmed through her refined and innovative writing techniques that she prioritises in her work as the lead writer of our company.

Vikram Malav (Counsellor – Specialist for Ukrainian Education Pattern)

Vikram Malav is guiding students for their best career for last 6 years. He has been stayed in many countries like Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and many others. He completely understand the education pattern, living cost in a particular country and other key points which students need to know before planning their study travel to a particular country.

Pravin Kumar Singh  (Counsellor)

Pravin Kumar Singh is working as a counsellor for last two years. He has guided many students and helped them to choose the best suitable university for themselves. He had studied computer science during his B. Tech and after that he joined MBBSDIRECT.

Sakshi (Academic Writer)

Sakshi is a freelance content writer for the past 5 years and has written blogs and content varying across multiple subjects like travel, academics, gastronomy, law and other genres involving in-depth research. She holds a degree of Bachelor’s in Law and has also done her Majors in English Literature. The concoction of creativity of literature and practical knowledge of law helps her achieve a balance in her writing.

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