Everything to know about studying MBBS in Germany

Although many students aspire to study medicine in Germany, very few students can make it to the country. The education is imparted in both English and German language most probably. Furthermore, the country offers a wide range of programs to the respective international students.

Moreover, education is typically provided with the help of modern techniques. The medical colleges of the country have experienced and top-level teachers and doctors that make sure that the students gain the right clinical knowledge and skills to build a secure future for practicing medicine in the country and abroad. Meanwhile, it must be strictly considered that the students who do their MBBS from Russia or Ukraine will not be allowed to practice medicine in Germany.

Course duration of MBBS in Germany

The total course duration of completing either MBBS or MD is usually 7.5 years, excluding selective medical colleges. After an Indian student has completed their medical education in Germany, he must undergo an MCI screening test while returning.

Stages of MBBS in Germany

There are usually four stages involved in MBBS in Germany which is following:

  • Pre-clinical phase– this stage is of two years consisting of four semesters in total. At the end of this stage, the candidate has to pass the medical licensing examination
  • The clinical phase-this stage is of three years consisting of six semesters in total. It consists of lectures, practicals, live internships, seminars, and more.
  • Practical year– This is a one-year clinical training where the students will be exposed to the practical side of the medicine course.
  • State examination– This is the final stage that the candidate has to qualify to attain the medical degree. It is a nationally standardized examination. As soon as the student passes this examination, he or she will be eligible to apply for a medical license and then successfully work as a doctor.

Moreover, if the candidate wants, he or she can pursue their education further to successfully become a medical specialist, which may last up to further five or six years respective to the course that the candidate wants to specialize in.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Germany

The following are the eligibility requirements that the candidate must meet:

  • Candidate must have cleared 12th with Biology as a compulsory subject
  • Candidate must score more than 60% in PCB
  • The candidate must be ready to learn about the German language
  • The candidate needs to qualify for the four separate exams necessary before studying medicine in Germany

Documents Required for MBBS in Germany

The following are the documents that the students need:

  • Student Visa
  • Photocopies of 10th and 12th mark sheet
  • 10 passport size photos
  • Photocopies of – ten each
  • Two recommendations letter
  • Photocopies of school leaving certificate- ten each
  • Photocopies of proof of payment of fees, if available or applicable
  • Proof of proficiency in either English or German language

Thus, MBBS in Germany is quite famous as it offers zero tuition fees, and the degree of the same is recognized worldwide. So, if you are a student searching for a new and innovative way of teaching, then Germany is the right option for you.

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