Gono Bishwasbidyalay University, Bangladesh

Gono Bishwasbidyalay is a private university in Bangladesh. It was established on 14th July 1998. It received the approval of the University Grants Commission (UGC). It is then that it proceeded with matters academics and administration. It was brought into existence by Gonoshasthaya Kendra (GK) Public Charitable trust.

This is an NGO that was created in 1971 and is currently renown all over the world. Its great works, particularly fighting for women and encouraging gender equality has had a great impact on society. To maintain relevance and ensure its objectives are being carried out, GK constantly evaluates itself.

University at a Glance:

Established: 14th July 1998

University Type: Private university

Number of International Students: 2200+

Hostel Type: University hostels

Climate: Cold/Warm

Tuition Fee: US$500

Eligibility: Based on entrance examinations and students’ past academic grades

ECFMG Approval: Not approved

Last Date to Apply: Last week of November, 2020


Eligibility criteria

  • Minimum GPA of 2.5


University Introduction:

Gono Bishwasbidyalay university is a not-for-profit institution that was founded with the support of GK and its unwavering commitment to education. Bangladesh National Parliament Private University of Act of 1992 was considered during the school’s formation. It has a permanent campus in Nalam, Savar, Dakar which serves as the centre of operations. It is ranked 79 in the country, and 10795 in the world.

The major courses provided are accredited by different bodies. Health courses, for example, are approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Bangladesh Medical and Dental council. Additionally, it is has received approval from the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh and accreditation from UGC.

The school boasts of highly qualified teachers with most of them working fulltime. As much as the quality of education is high class, the fee charged is minimal. This is compared to other private institutions in Bangladesh. The prices offered are suitable for parents and guardians who are middle-class income earners.

The teaching method used by lecturers is research-based learning. This allows students to work practically and have a better understanding. The emphasis made on research is to help societal problems. This includes health and social problems. The programs offered are based on a six-month semester. This allows the students to access to quality education with ease.

The campus encourages integration among students. This is to bring together the different cultures into one and promote healthy relations. This is through clubs and societies. It is also evident through holding of cultural activities where students get to share their culture and customs with others.

Why should I study in Gono Bishwasbidyalay?

Owing to its unique background, the university receives applications from numerous students, from all over the world, who want to be a part of the unique philosophy. Below are some of the reasons why the university would be a good fit.

  • It charges pocket-friendly fees
  • The faculty is highly trained and qualified
  • Students are well equipped to compete in their future aspirations
  • The school has a medical centre
  • Accommodation is available for students
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