Grodno State Medical University, Belarus

Grodno State Medical University was established on 9th August 1958. In the beginning, only one medical faculty existed. As the years have gone by, however, the number of faculties has increased. Acting as a pacesetter, GSMU was the first institution in Belarus to open the Faculty of Medical Psychology and Department of Nurses with higher education.

The university is recognized worldwide as the medical research center in the Republic of Belarus. It is ranked number 7 in the country, and when ranked in the continent, it stands at 1276. Provided below is important information about the university.

University at a Glance:

Established: 1958

University Type: Public

Number of International Students: 531

Hostel Type: University Hostel

Climate: Moderate continental with mild humid winters and warm summers

Yearly Tuition Fee: USD$4500 + USD$800 (Accommodation)

Eligibility: NEET Exam + 55% in Senior Secondary Exam. 

ECFMG Approval: Not Approved

Last Date to Apply: September, 2020


University Introduction:

The Grodno State Medical University is one of the prominent universities in Belarus. It is well known by students all over the world. Additionally, its scientific accomplishments have made it a reputable institution. The university is located to the west of Belarus. The geographical position has worked in favor of the university. This is because it allows for international relations and the forging of long lasting partnerships. The university is ranked 9 in the country and 3948 in the world.

GSMU majors in carrying out medical research. As such, it collaborates with other institutions for consultations and to achieve better results. Some of the institutions are located in Poland and Russia. The medical institutions’ scientists have had breakthroughs in treating surgical disorders, internal disorders, and when dealing with diagnostic problems.

Grodno state has three known universities. Of the three, GSMU is considered to be the best. GSMU holds annual events. These conferences touch on prevalent medical issues that affect society. These scientific and practical events allow networking and brainstorming of possible ways to solve the problems. Medical students come together and showcase their work. These avenues are equally crucial for students as they can put their theoretical knowledge into practice. 


Why should I study at Grodno State Medical University?

Several reasons make Grodno State Medical University ideal for students who want to study medicine. This applies to both natives and international students who might consider joining the institution. The reasons include

  • Students are provided with the opportunity to conduct their medical training abroad.
  • The tuition fees charged are significantly lower. This is compared to other universities in Europe.
  • The faculty is not only competent; they are highly qualified professionals. Some of them holding higher research positions.
  • The university has clinical centers. These centers are well equipped with the necessary facilities. This gives the chance to put their theoretical knowledge to use and gaining experience while at it.
  • Grodno’s serene atmosphere makes it a favorable area for studying. Its industrial nature makes it an urban center, thus ideal for living.
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