Harbin Medical University, China

Quick Glimpse

Established in: 1926

Address: 157 Baojian Rd, Nangang Qu, Haerbin Shi, Heilongjiang Sheng, China, 150081

The medium of Study: English

Acknowledged by: MCI, MMC, NMC, WHO, USMLE, MCC, WFME, ECFMG

Number of Students: 18,290 (59 international students)

Academic Staff: 10,000

Total Area: 2.36 million square meters

Library: Over 1.5 million books, 4,707 journals, 330,000 electronic journals and books; electronic literature search and internet information services available

Academic Session begins: 1st April

Scholarships: Available

Weather: Coldest region in China with an average high temperature of +8°C

Nearest Airport: Harbin Taiping International Airport in Heilongjiang Sheng, China

Food: Canteen provides clean and delicious food at a low price

Admission Procedure: Direct

Application Deadline: 31st January



Harbin Medical University has a glorious history and tradition as it originated from the combination of former Harbin Medical University and former 1st and 2nd branch schools of China Medical University in Xingshan. Presently, the university has become a medical school of huge capacity and distinct characteristics. Considered among one of the top medical schools in China, the university is a national base for basic sciences research and teaching talent development, and a key “Project 211” university in Heilongjiang Province.



Most of the professors at Harbin Medical University hold doctorates or the highest possible degree in their field of study. The faculties are involved in the Medical Education Reform and are aware of the latest educational ideas including PBL and course integration. The university has 5 affiliated hospitals, which provide students with sufficient opportunities for clinical practice. 3 affiliated hospitals were listed among the “100 best hospitals” in China.


Medicine Program:

Clinical Medicine (MBBS)

Duration of Course:  5 years + 1-year internship

The form of Studies: Full-time


International Recognition:

In 2006 and 2007, a pilot accreditation of medical education and a review visit was conducted at Harbin Medical University by the World Federation of Medical Education team (referenced to the WFME Global Standards in Basic Medical Education). The university has acquired all 36 sub-standards and owns the first accreditation of medical education in China according to global standards.


Student Life:

Harbin Medical University has a wonderful campus with ancient Chinese-style buildings and well-maintained lawns. Harbin is a beautiful city, well-known for its Ice and Snow Festival and reputed as “Eastern Paris”. The students can easily find bookstores, markets, restaurants, and other such facilities near the university campus.



 Dormitory 1: double room with shower, toilet, telephone, furniture, cable TV, Internet. The kitchen, boiled water room, and laundry are public. Each bed is 56,000 Rupees/year and a single room is 105,000 Rupees/year.

Dormitory 2 and 3: double room with furniture, Internet. The toilet, bathroom, entertainment room, kitchen, boiled water room, and laundry are public. Each bed is 37,000 Rupees/year and a single room is 75,000 Rupees/year.


Fee Structure :

Tuition Fee: 294,000 Rupees/year

Application Fee: 8,400 Rupees (only in the first year)

Accommodation Fee: 56,700 Rupees/year or 37,800 Rupees/year

Medical Checkup: 3,000 Rupees (only in the first year)

Living Cost: 9,000 Rupees/month

Total: 474,000 Rupees/year


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