Get your MBBS certificate at Jinan University, China! The world historians up till now hail the Jinan University as the ultimate college in China to set up its very own medicinal institute! The School predominantly enlists understudies from HK (Hong Kong), Taiwan, and Macau. To develop the high-taught restorative ability that can adjust to advancements in present-day medicinal science, a universal perceived educational program has been established and structured, especially for abroad college understudies. This program guarantees that abroad understudies can reach the prerequisites of their home regimes.

Eligibility at Jinan University, China

  • The applicant must have appropriate school training for 2 years based on the given subjects.
  • The applicant’s age must be from 18 to 22 years of age.
  • The applicant must score a 70% minimum within the overall subjects in the advanced secondary examination.

Fee Structure:

  • 21,000 RMB for every year and 126,000 RMB in total (up to $23,105)

Jinan University, China, is a school that gives programs instructed only in English. The School was set up to take into account the heightening needs of abroad Chinese and Indian students and chose high-bore scholars from China. It is devoted to the development of gifted youth who can adjust to a global domain. The course books for every one of the projects are unique English versions, enabling the educational plan and organization to satisfy universal guidelines. The School is under the bound together coordination of the University. It is mutually run by the University’s expert schools and divisions.

Jinan University possesses the main research foundation of national humankind and sociologies and instructing and research foundation for Chinese language and writing of the Education Ministry, a foundation for national college social quality training, a foundation of national base for showing Chinese as an unknown dialect, and instructive foundation for abroad Chinese training of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and a leading research foundation of humankind and sociology of Guangdong Province.

Course Duration:

Are you seeking to know the duration of an MBBS at Jinan University? There is no need to worry! It’s just a six years course. You will face five years of intensive learning, with an additional year of practice. Jinan University, China, provides you with advanced knowledge within your six years of stay in the university. The acceptable teaching medium is the English language.


Jinan University, China, is approved by MCI and WHO. Also, it keeps up with the world-class infrastructure via the help of significant funds established by the Regime of China. Studying MBBS in China makes MBBS programs very sophisticated. Through equipped classrooms, up-to-date libraries, advanced classy-nursing laboratories, and unparalleled scholastic conveniences, the school makes your days beautiful! Grab an MBBS certificate at Jinan University, China today!

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