Kuban State Medical University | MBBS in Russia

Kuban State Medical University

Kuban State Medical University is a renowned university in Russia established in 1920. It was formed by the Government of the Russian Federation. It is one of the ancient medical universities found in Russia. Additionally, it is viewed as one of the top universities in the Region. It prides itself in the provision of quality education to all of its students. It took forty years for the university to have an additional faculty. The only one that was in existence was the medical faculty.

University at a Glance:

Established: 1920

University Type: Public

Number of International Students: 70+

Hostel Type: University Hostel 

Climate: Warm to dry hot summers/ Very cold winters

Yearly Tuition Fee: USD4500

Eligibility: NEET Exam + 50% in PCB (Applicants should be 17-25 years of age)

ECFMG Approval: Not approved

Last Date to Apply: September 2020

University Introduction:

Kuban State Medical University is a non-profit medical institution that is highly viewed and respected. It is well known internationally by student’s who want to pursue MBBS. The school was established in order to provide solutions to issues in the medical field. Additionally, to ensure students gain adequate knowledge of what is expected of a doctor and to implement what whey learn with no room for errors.

The school’s faculty constitutes of 624 lecturers. The staff are highly trained and have many years of experience. Most of them are academicians while others are candidates of science. The school has adequate facilities to cater to the needs of the students. These include 900 classes and laboratories, 1600 technology and multimedia equipment, and 12 lecture halls. The school has the capacity to enroll about 4,400 people and has 64 departments at its disposal.

Kuban State Medical University works with biological material and is among 5 other universities that do so. The university uses English and Russian as its teaching medium. This provides students with more opportunities as they can work both nationally and internationally. To allow further practice and success by its students, the university provides a scientific and innovative environment.

Other than provide sufficient facilities for educational development, the university provides room for extracurricular activities. Students get the chance to be involved in meaningful and interesting activities such as media and sports. The school’s end game is for students to be physically and mentally fit.

Why Should I study at Kuban State Medical University?

Below are some of the reasons why you should enroll into the university.

  • The university charges its students’ low fees. This allows a larger group to enroll into the university.
  • The faculty is highly trained. They have years of experience and are willing to support the students by offering their adequate knowledge and skills.
  • The university’s history has solidified its capability to provide students with the necessary skills.
  • Offers students the opportunity to be innovative and make strides in medical research.
  • The school provides accommodation for the students.
  • The university is in collaboration with other institutions and can help secure jobs for students on or before graduation.


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