The university was established in 1972 in Mansoura City, Egypt. It is one of the largest universities in Egypt. The Faculty of medicine was established in 1962 as a satellite of Cairo University. A presidential decree, in 1972, announced the formation of the university under the name ‘East Delta University’. The name changed to Mansoura University in 1973.

University at a Glance:

Established: Founded in 1972

University Type: Public University

Number of International Students: 276+ 

Hostel Type: University Hostel

Climate: Very dry summers/Mediterranean during winter 

Yearly Tuition Fee: USD6000  

Eligibility: 2GPA, 55% in 10 + 2 

ECFMG Approval: Not Approved

Last Date to Apply: 31st August, 2020

University Introduction:

Mansoura university is a Public University. It has various hospitals and medical centers. It offers dental programs, medical education programs, masters programs, and doctorate programs. It has 18 faculty in different departments. It has an academic staff of 2500.


The school has a numerous number of faculties. It includes Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Agriculture, Engineering, Law, Commerce, Education, Science, Arts, Special Education, Nursing, Computer Information Systems, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Tourism and Hotels, and Kindergarten.

Campus Life:

All staff, researches, students and hospitals are fully managed by E-Systems. The school has multiple resources and facilities such as laboratories, research center, e-learning center, emergency hospital, medical hospital, oncology center, and medical experimental research center.


The university is vigilant to ensure it develops and increases the capacity of the school’s cities, and it improves the services provided to foreign students. The university constructed the city of the Republic of students. Facilities available in the building includes garages, showrooms, main dining room, kitchen, a library, fitness room, and air conditioner. Additionally, there are two buildings specifically for male international students inside the campus of the university. It has a dining room, a library, main kitchen, a gymnasium, and special services such as an air conditioner, and the internet.

Why Should I Study at Mansoura University, Egypt?

  • The school’s long history has built it a strong reputation both nationally and internationally.
  • The university has competent lecturers with relevant work experience in their areas of expertise.
  • The school provides high quality education to the students.
  • The school has adequate resources, and facilities to cater to students’ needs.
  • The school conducts exchange programs with students from foreign institutions.
  • The school supports innovation and research by its students, and has a medical experimental research center.
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