Wenzhou Medical University, China

Wenzhou Medical University is a multi-disciplinary university under the administration of the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province. It is an institution of higher learning focusing primarily on medicine programs along with other disciplines such as science, technology, arts, management, law, and education. Presently, Wenzhou Medical University has become the main base for cultivating the medical talents in Zhejiang province and other parts of the country. With decades of experience in the medical field, Wenzhou Medical University graduates’ average score and pass rate in National Doctor License Examination has consistently occupied top levels among over 100 medical universities in China.

University at Glance

  • Established in: August 1958
  • Location: Ouhai, Wenzhou, China
  • The medium of Study: English
  • Acknowledged by: WHO, MCI, MOE, USMLE
  • Number of Students: 11,900 (over 500 international students)
  • Teaching staff: over 1,000
  • Library: a collection of 2,250,000 volumes


Wenzhou Medical University comprises highly-skilled staff focusing on practical knowledge and research work. Recently, the university has established cooperative relationships with over 62 overseas colleges, universities or academic institutions, carrying out the cooperative activities such as establishing Confucius institute in Thailand, Sino-US joint OD program, staff/student exchange program, and cooperative research. The faculty and staff of the university make sure to retain the high quality of the university that possesses high prestige globally and excellent academic performance. The university focuses on undergraduate education while actively developing graduate studies, with medical programs at its core, accompanied by multi-disciplinary fields to meet global needs.

Medicine Program:

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Duration of course: 5 years + 1-year internship


The internship starts from the last year with a duration of 48 weeks. Students can choose to do the internship in China or their own countries. During the internship, students should arrange accommodation for themselves. Students can do the internship in one of the 19 affiliated hospitals of Wenzhou Medical University, with a total of over 12,000 beds. Students must pass HSK 4 before starting the internship.

International Collaborations:

To promote friendly relationship with cooperation institutes and to encourage the Chinese language and culture among Chinese learners worldwide while providing good learning conditions for them, Wenzhou Medical University has started 2 Confucius Institute: Confucius Institute at Burapha University in Thailand and Confucius Institute at SUNY College of Optometry in the USA. These institutes have succeeded to expand international exchange and cooperation in the field of Chinese language teaching, Chinese culture, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Accommodation and Campus Life:

Dormitory in Wenzhou Medical University has double room facility with separate bathroom, broadband internet access, and air conditioner. The university has 66 students’ associations comprising 12 associations having credit systems, 4 provincial excellent associations, and several municipal excellent associations. The associations conduct cultural festivals, sports festivals and other activities. Wenzhou Medical University publishes 5 academic journals and one academic newspaper, among which 3 journals are listed in CSTPCD. The Chinese Journal of Optometry & Ophthalmology and Visual Science is listed as one of the Chinese Medical Association Journals. Also, 4 of university’s affiliated hospitals are ranked as Grade 3 Class A.

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