MBBS in Wuhan University, China

University’s Quick Glimpse

Established on: 29 November 1893

Address: Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430072

Medium of Study: English

Acknowledged by: WHO, MCI, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS

Scholarships: Available

Number of Students: 54,434 (over 3,600 international students)

Academic Staff: 2,500

University Campus: 3 campuses- the Old Campus, the Main Campus, and the Medical Campus

Total Area: 5,166 acres

Food: a special canteen and a Muslim canteen are available to international students

Library: 16,420,000 volumes including printed volumes, e-books, e-magazines, and databases

Academic Session Begins: September

Weather: the average annual temperature is about 15 °C

Nearest Airport: Wuhan Tianhe International Airport in Hubei, China


Wuhan University is a comprehensive university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education. The university is involved in the 211 Project and 985 Project with full support from the central and local government of China. The university has succeeded to make a great contribution to the national construction and social advancement. Further, these achievements of Wuhan University have won it an extensive international reputation. In 1999, the world-renowned journal, Science, listed Wuhan University as one of the most prominent institutions of higher education in China.


Wuhan University’s Health Centre includes 5 schools, 6 research centres and 3 A-Level Grade Ⅲ affiliated hospitals. The hospitals have 2,800 beds, 15 million out-patients per year, 50,000 in-patients per year, 25,000 major operations, a full list of disciplines covering 100 clinical and auxiliary departments, and 30 laboratories. The university has a competent staff, 1,125 of whom are professors, chief physicians, associate professors, and deputy chief physicians.

Medicine Program:

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Duration of course: 5 years + 1-year internship


The internship at Wuhan University is arranged after the coursework with a duration of 1 year (at least 48 weeks). Students can choose to do an internship in China or any other country. During the internship period, the tuition fee is still RMB 32,000 per year. If a student wants to do the internship in China, he or she needs to pass the new HSK 4 to deal with the patients. Wuhan University arranges the internship at one of its 2 affiliated hospitals- Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University and Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University. The hospitals have 2,800 beds, 15 million out-patients per year, 50,000 in-patients per year, 25,000 major operations and a full list of disciplines covering 100 clinical and auxiliary departments and 30 laboratories.

International Students’ Education:

Wuhan University is among the first batch of 30 universities qualified to teach MBBS in English announced by MOE China. Presently, there are over 5,100 medical students, including 600 international students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Canada, the United States, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal and many more. Through academic exchanges, the centre maintains good relationships and collaborates with hospitals and institutes in America, Britain, France, Germany, Finland, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Overall, Wuhan University has established a cooperative relationship with more than 400 universities and research institutes in over 70 countries and regions.


The International Students are usually admitted to the International Education College of Wuhan University, located on the Main Campus and are mainly lodged in the famous Maple Garden. The facilities of the hostel include- central air conditioner, telephone, broadband Internet access, closed-circuit television, bathroom, and water heater.

Fee Structure:

Tuition Fee: 256,000 Rupees/year (approx.)

Accommodation Fee: single room- 96,000 Rupees/year (approx.)

Insurance Fee: 4,800 Rupees/year (approx.)

Visa Fee: 8,000 Rupees/year (approx.)

Accommodation Fee: 1,600 Rupees (approx.)

Physical Test Fee: 4,000 Rupees (approx.)

Text Book: 8,000 Rupees (approx.)

Living Cost: 10,000 Rupees/month (approx.)

Total Cost: 528,000 Rupees/year (approx.)

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