Nantong University | MBBS Fee for Indian Students in China

Consider choosing the Nantong University, China, for your MBBS today if you seek the best university in China to study in! It was founded in 1912 and Nantong, Jiangsu Province of China. Every student needs a conducive learning environment for studies, and I bet you too! This school has all it takes to keep you comfortable while you bag your MBBS certificate. Don’t hesitate to put it as your ultimate choice!

About Nantong University, China

The university covers 4000 acres, with possession of 800 thousand square meters utilized for college buildings only. It’s a comprehensive institute built by the Jiangsu Provincial administration and state Ministry of Transport! It consists of, Nantong Medical institution, Nantong Engineering institution as well as Nantong Normal institution. It features four campuses, such as Qixiu campus, Zhongxiu campus, a new campus, and Qidong campus.

Eligibility for MBBS at Nantong University, China

  • Applicant must have applicable school practical of 2 years as per the required subjects.
  • The applicant must be from 18 to 35 years.
  • The score of the applicant must be 70% minimum in the whole subjects within the secondary test.
  • Applicants should have a STEM background in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, within their curriculum.
  • The applicant must be good at English and must have excellent communication skills.

The Enrollment Capacity

The college can admit approximately 34 thousand full-time scholars at once! Among these are 1550 graduates with 300 overseas students. The school has at least 84 undergraduate courses based on 9 key disciplines such as literature, engineering, sciences, medical sciences, education, law, economics, management, and history.

Schools within This College

The schools in this college range from:

  • College of Mechanical Engineering
  • Institute of International Education
  • Chinese Culture & Literature school
  • Foreign Language institute
  • College of Medicine
  • Institute of Pharmacy
  • School of Politics
  • College of Chemistry & Chemical Industry
  • College of Science
  • Institute of Art
  • College of Educational Science
  • College of Computer Science and IT
  • School of Traffic

Fees while in Studying MBBS in China at Nantong University

The costs of studying MBBS at Nantong University, China, are listed below:

  • The cost of living is up to 11 RMB for a double room
  • 21,000 RMB for every year and 126,000 RMB in total (up to $23,105)
  • The application fee is RMB 390
  • Living Expense ranges from RMB 2,100 – 2,700
  • The service fee is USD 50

Course Duration:

If you would like to know the duration of studying MBBS at Nantong University, there’s no need to worry! It takes just six years. You will come across five years of intensive education, with an extra year of mastery. Nantong University, China, gives you improved knowledge within six years in the university.


Nantong University, China, is an approved institute by WHO and MCI. Additionally, it sustains the world-class infrastructure via the excellent help of funds established by the government of China. By studying MBBS in China with equipped classrooms, up-to-date libraries, advanced classy-nursing laboratories, and unparalleled academic conveniences, you get the most out of your MBBS experience. Grab this opportunity to study MBBS in China at Nantong University, China today!

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