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North Ossetian State Medical University

North Ossetian State Medical University was established in 1939. It deals with higher medical education and Pharmaceutical education. It was first known as North Ossetia Medical Institute. Today, it seeks to train 300 students every year. So far 14,300 students have already received training from the institution. In Vladikavkaz region, it is the center of medical and pharmaceutical training. It finally received its status of Medical Academy in 1995.

University at a Glance:

Established: 1939

University Type: Public

Number of International Students: 350+

Hostel Type: University Hostel

Climate: Warm to dry hot summers/ Very cold winters

Yearly Tuition Fee:  USD$4600

Eligibility: Minimum 85 % in PCB of 12th

ECFMG Approval: Not Approved 

Last Date to Apply: July 2020

University Introduction:

North Ossetian Medical University is a renowned university in North Ossetia. It has professional staff who not only train the students but continue to conduct scientific research. This is evidenced by the fact that the staff has come up with more than 100 innovations. Not only that they have published more than 3220 scientific papers. Students get the opportunity to get involved in the writing of papers. This increases their credibility and ability even when they leave the institution and conduct their own research.

In 2017, the university won a tertiary institution’s award as center for creative innovations competition. The competition was held in the region. The competition involved innovation, technological and social development. This continued to solidify the universities status as the best university in the region. The university then set up a Physics and Nanotechnology collective utility center. 

International collaboration is one of the main focuses of the university. This is to ensure networking and collaborating in research related activities. Other than that, it opens the opportunity for its students to receive job offers while in school and even after they graduate. Universities in China, Germany, Japan, Iran, Spain and the USA are some of the countries the campus collaborates with. This includes both companies and educational institutions. A branch office was opened in the school by International Students Association of Russia. 

The school has an array of facilities at the disposal of the student. It has 52 departments and 17 different schools. It also contains several centers within its environs. The center for the realization for youth projects, information center of the joint institute of nuclear and research and center of creativity and aesthetic student development are some of the centers. Additionally, various festivals are held in the school every year. They bring together the students and the community. 

Why I should Study at North Ossetian State Medical University?

  • The university has adequate facilities and equipment that are required by the students.
  • The university has international collaborations that have proved advantageous to the students and the institution.
  • The university offers students an opportunity to be innovative.
  • The university has highly qualified professionals teaching the students.
  • The school is recognized as the best medical institution in the region. 

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