Shihezi University | MBBS Fee for Indian Students


It’s a Chinese MOE Double Matchless Discipline College, with Double Supreme status within specific orders! The double attached to the name signifies that it is of high-class educational standard. Even a layman could have a glimpse of the quality of the MBBS certificate available from this prestigious institution in China. Keep reading; don’t stop!

MBBS Entry Eligibility at Shihezi University, China

If you are aiming at studying your MBBS in Shihezi University, here are the requirements.

  • The applicant must age inside 18 – 35 years.
  • Applicants must score not less than 70% in the entire subjects during the high school test.
  • He/she should have subjects Chemistry, Biology, and Physics in their 12th board.
  • The applicant must be able to understand English, particularly.

Overview of the University

Shihezi University being a college within Xinjiang, Shihezi, China, has come to stay. The college was established in April during the year 1996 under the reconciliation of institutional schools by the MOE, the Xinjiang Construction and Production Corps. It’s a top national central college.

Shihezi University is in Garden City, close to the stream of Manas on the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountains within Xinjiang. As of August 2000, the CG (Central Government) assigned the college to be the key foundation to build within northwestern China. This Shihezi University got the rank of being among the foundational colleges established under the “Project 211” on 31st of December 2008.

Shihezi University Fees for MBBS

The charges to be paid for considering MBBS in the University include:

  • Living Cost is 700 to 1,000 RMB for each month
  • The application fee is 1000 USD, and it is non-refundable
  • Tuition fee is: RMB 30,000 for each year

Shihezi University, China Duration for MBBS

Do you know the duration of an MBBS in Shihezi University? You don’t need to stress yourself over that as we have it here for you! It’s only a 5.5 years duration of study! You pass through five years of escalated learning, and one extra year of practical training. Shihezi University, China gives you every data you ought to know within these six years of study in the college. The English language is the dominant mode of communication in college. Both indigenes and non-indigenes are accepted into the school.


Top universities and colleges are scattered all around China. It’ll be quite confusing for you if you’re searching to find your dream institute! High ranking universities and colleges in their State capital are not excluded here! They are unique in their institutional capacity. You’re seeking to study MBBS in one of the best of it all, aren’t you? That makes you my number one beneficiary in this piece! Get it once and for all!

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