Siberian State Medical University, Russia

University at a Glance

Founded in: 1888

Address: Moskovskiy Trakt, 2, Tomsk, Tomskaya Oblast’, Russia, 634050

Number of Students: over 5,000 students (around 500 international students)

Total Teaching Staff: 890

Students Trained: 60,000

Academic Year Begins: 1st September

Recognized by: MCI, WHO

Accreditation: IV

Average Tuition Fee: 22.00 Lakh Rupees for 6 years (approx.)

Scholarships: Available

Departments: 78

Library: Largest specialized library in Siberia

Food: Students can get nutritious food at the canteen of the hostel

Weather: Average temperature is between −21 °C and −13 °C (January); +18.7 °C (July)

Nearest airport: Tomsk Bogashevo Airport in Tomsk Oblast, Russia


Siberian State Medical University is one of the highly reputable medical universities in Russia, which has given many top experienced physicians who are well-known all across the globe. The well-established graduates include 42 academicians, two presidents of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and 25 associate members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The university’s mission is to advance patients’ care and attend public health issues through teaching, research, and clinical excellence. The university transforms the quality of living of the people through new educational systems, research, and patients’ well-being by offering world-class training, educational and research opportunities to their students.



The faculties of Siberian State Medical University include:

  • Medical
  • Paediatric
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical and biological
  • Behavioural Medicine and Management
  • Retraining and Professional Development


  • First flagship medical university in Russia.
  • Ranked 3rd among top Russian medical schools, according to the National University Rankings.
  • Around 80% of the academic faculty are scientific scholars.
  • About 5,500 students from 55 regions of the Russian Federation.
  • The leader in state-funded seats on the territory beyond the Ural Mountains.
  • International students from 28 foreign countries.
  • The best library in Russia according to the Academy of Evidence-Based Medicine Rankings 2016.
  • 75% undergraduate and post-graduate students and medical residents are from outside Tomsk, from neighbouring and overseas countries.
  • Over 20,000 patients annually admitted to the University teaching hospital.

Medicine Program:

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Duration of course: 6 years

The medium of teaching: English, Russian

Mode of Study: Full-time, Part-time

Tuition Fee (English medium):

1st year: 336,000 Rupees (approx.)

2nd-6th year: 269,000 Rupees/year (approx.)

Campus Life:

Studying at Siberian State Medical University is interesting and enjoyable. The university offers plenty of opportunities to enrich the student life with different activities. Students can participate in year-round activities which include- football, tennis, basketball, swimming, skiing, and skating. A number of interest-based clubs and student organizations are available at the university, like- a student scientific society, volunteer clubs, English speaking club, and several others.


University dormitories with quite comfortable and necessary facilities are available for all international students at Siberian State Medical University. There are 2 different dormitories:

  1. Budgetary basis: hostel fee will be approximately 11,400 Rupees/month (this payment should be made for 6 months at once).
  2. Commercial basis: hostel fee will be approximately 700 Rupees/month.
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