Smolensk State Medical University, Russia

Smolensk State Medical University, Russia

The university was established in 1920. It is recognized by the World Health Organization. The duration of study is between 5-6 years. It offers a short-term Russian language course.

Smolensk State Medical University holds the 22nd position in the international rating. The Medical Faculty is the biggest structural and functional subdivision of the university and includes 20 large hospitals under it with modern diagnostics and treatment facilities. Foreign scientists and professors from countries like USA, UK, Germany, Canada, and others are invited to read lectures at Smolensk State Medical University. Presently, the university is a huge scientific establishment where fundamental, applied and methodical scientific research is carried out.

University at a Glance.

Founded in: 1920

Address: Ulitsa Krupskoy, 28, Smolensk, Smolenskaya Oblast’, Russia, 214019

Total Students: 8,500

Number of International Students: 950 (including around 850 Indian students)

Academic Year Begins: September first week

Recognized by: WHO, UNESCO, MCI

The language of Instruction: English for foreign students, Russian

Departments: 65

Number of Academic Staff: 450

Modern Lab: 98

Library: Over 600,000 books written by Russian and foreign authors while connected with the World Med Line System; includes 3 reading halls with 200 seats.

Tuition Fee: 1,220,000 Rupees (approx.)

Food: Indian Mess is operating with 3 Indian cooks

Climate: Average Annual Temperature is +11.9 °C; Average Annual Rainfall is 828 mm

Nearest airport: Kemerovo International Airport in Kemerovo, Russia

Application Deadline: 30th June

Admission Procedure: No Entrance Examination

University Introduction:

In 2015 the school was changed from Smolensk State Medical Academy to Smolensk State Medical University by the Russian government. The university accepts foreign students and lecturers with some of them coming from the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada. It has highly qualified lecturers working in 65 departments. The departments are equipped with electronic microscopes, Radio isotope laboratories, bio medical laboratories, and lecture halls equipped with multi-media apparatuses. It uses a traditional campus system with all facilities in one area. The facilities include a library, educational buildings, sports complexes, hostels, playground and cultural complexes. 


Smolensk State Medical University has 8 faculties:

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Paediatrics
  • Faculty for Foreign Students
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutics
  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology and Social Work
  • Faculty of Post Graduate Studies
  • Faculty of Higher Nursing

All the faculties and departments are well-equipped with electronic microscopes, biochemical laboratories, radio-isotope laboratories, and lecture halls having tele-video and multimedia apparatuses. There are 31 hospitals working under Smolensk State Medical University; out of them, 8 hospitals with around 6,000 beds are used for educational purposes.

The faculties in the university include the Faculty of General Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pediatrics, Faculty of Foreign Students, Faculty of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Clinical Psychology and Social Work, Faculty of Higher Nursing, and Faculty of Postgraduate Studies.

Medicine Program:

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

  • Duration of course: 6 years
  • The form of Studies: Full-time
  • Total Fee: 503,000 Rupees approx. (1st year); 390,000 Rupees/year approx. (2nd-6th year)
  • Number of seats/year: 1,000 (270 seats are reserved for foreign students)

Campus Life:

Smolensk State Medical University comprises educational buildings, library, mess, hostels, sports complexes, playground, cultural complexes, and park. The university has its own security surveillance system with its own security guards for the safety of the students and campus. The Cultural Centre, at the university, organises cultural programs where students from different parts of the world interact. Every year, an Indian cultural program is organised through which Indian and Russian students represent glimpses of Culture of India.

The university library has more than 600,000 books. Reading halls that are available are 3 with each having 200 seating capacity. The school has a security surveillance system. It also has a cultural center that organizes cultural programs in which international students take part. It has a sports complex that consists of a well-equipped gymnasium, playground, 2 large sports halls and a swimming pool. The school has its own skiing base.


Smolensk State Medical University has 4 hostels, which can accommodate over 2,000 students. All the hostels include attached bathroom, toilet, and kitchen. The hostels are centrally heated and fully-furnished. The basic system is 2 or 4 students in one room; with separate arrangements for boys and girls. Other facilities include- security guards, reception, cleaning and washing personnel, reading rooms, 24-hours medical centre, well-equipped gymnasiums with hi-tech machines and personal trainers.

Why Should I Study at Smolensk State Medical University?

  • Fundamental and applied research is performed in the university 
  • The school has 31 hospitals working under it.

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