Southwest Medical University, China

South West Medical University was formed in 1951 in China. It was first known as Southern Sichuan Doctor’s school. The university was allowed to grant their students bachelor’s degrees in 1978.Today, the school boasts of 2 campuses. One is in Zhongshan and the other is in Chengbei. The school has more than 17,000 students who are from China and from abroad. The international students are about 300. The members of staff are 2560. Among the 2560, 250 of them are professors who work on site. 

University at a Glance:

Established: It was formed in 1951

University Type: Public University

Number of International Students: 300+ 

Hostel Type: University Hostel 

Climate: Cold and dry winter/Warm and rainy summer

Yearly Tuition Fee:  30,000 RMB

Eligibility: 10+2 with chemistry, physics biology + NEET Exam

ECFMG Approval: Not Approved 

Last Date to Apply: 30th June 2020

University Introduction:

Southwest Medical University is an education institution located in Sichuan province. The medical focus of the university involves studying western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and a combination of the two. The university has grown into a trustworthy base for its lecturers and its students. Some of the facilities the school has access to are 39 teaching hospitals and 5 non subordinating hospitals. In total, the hospitals have a bed capacity of 15,500.

The school has had the opportunity to train more than 110,000 students. All these students were studying different levels. The school offers 26 undergraduate programs to its students. Those who have graduated have gone away and have become successful. They occupy significant positions in the healthcare system both in Sichuan and abroad.

In 2004, the school began providing clinical medicine as an undergraduate program. The postgraduate took longer and was started in 2013. International students started getting enrolled into the university in 1996. In 2003 is when the university was allowed to confer degrees to the foreign students. Today, the university has more than 300 international students. The school has hostels within. This makes it easy for the international students to find accommodation.

Why Should I Study at Southwest Medical University, China?

  • The school collaborates with other institutions nationally and globally. This fosters good relations and allows learning from each other.
  • The university has competent university professionals. They have had years of experience. Many of them have written their own papers. They are assets to the students hoping to succeed in the industry. 
  • The studies are not limited to western medicine but equally incorporate traditional Chinese medicine.
  • The university accepts international students into the school.
  • With over 50 year in existence, the school has created a name for itself nationally and internationally as well.
  • The school is affiliated with more than 39 teaching hospitals. This allows students the opportunity to get practical experience through real life situations.
  • The graduates have a good chance of landing good jobs after they graduate. This is evidenced by the alumni who have secured senior positions in medical hospitals.
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